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10 Useful Gadgets and Tools Under $20 That You Can Get On Amazon

From channel FUTURE TECH.

NOTE: While the video title mentions the products being under $10, many have gone over that amount. However if available they are still under $20 and can therefore quality to be featured on the blog.


Investing in new tech doesn't have to cost a fortune we have compiled the list of some of the useful gadgets and tools on amazon that can be purchased for less than ten dollars welcome to future tech before we begin be sure to hit that like button and stick around for number one to see some incredible new pieces of tech

Niteize Spokelit if you're an avid bike rider you likely understand how important it is to remain safe while riding it's important to wear protective body gear to lessen your chances of getting injured in a crash or fall but have you ever thought about lessening your chances of injury at night it can be quite difficult for the driver of a vehicle to see a bike rider at night but Niteize Spokelit makes it far less dangerous to ride at night adding a bit of lighting and flare to your ride these spoke lights attach directly to the spokes of your bicycle and are battery operated so there are no wires or connections to hassle with they are available in a variety of colors to match your bike or outfit and could very likely save your life at night

Lamicall phone stand most of us tend to use our smartphones for just about everything you could browse the internet set alarms watch videos or movies and even play video games our smartphones have become integral parts of our daily lives and are often the only piece of technology that keeps us connected to the outside world because of this phone stands can be very beneficial in our daily lives and the Lamicall is the perfect stand for your iphone or android device the stand resembles an imac stand and can be used to prop your phone on your nightstand on your desk or in your bathroom when you're jamming out to music in the mornings the aluminum construction means this stand is built to last giving you a great stand at a great price there is even a port on the back that can help keep your phone charger in place when it is not in use

SOG MacV tool multi-tools have become very popular in recent years they are a great tool to keep in your car wallet pocket or office they can come in handy if you want to carry around multiple tools without worrying about needing a toolbox the SOG MacV is a great multi-tool that can fit in your pocket eliminating the need for an expensive tool kit this particular tool acts as a bottle opener flathead screwdriver a Philips screwdriver a blade a prying tool a line cutter a blade sharpener three different sizes of wrenches a hex driver and much more the possibilities are limitless with this tool and it is bound to find some great uses in your vehicle office drawer or travel bag it would even be great to keep on hand in an emergency situation multi-tools are the way of the future and the SOG MacV is leading the pack

SE fire starter this is an excellent tool to keep on hand and could save your life in an emergency situation the SE fire starter is exactly as the name suggests a great tool to help start a fire this would be a great addition to a camping bag or to keep on hand around your home in case the power goes out in the winter and you need to keep yourself warm this fire starter is very simple it is a solid magnesium bar that can be easily chipped and flaked leaving fragments of magnesium behind when you turn the device around there is a flint striker bar that you can strike in order to catch the magnesium on fire giving you virtually instant access to a fire wherever you are this could be a life-saving product in an emergency situation or simply an easy way to start a fire on your next camping trip

Joseph Joseph Clip chip and bag clips have become increasingly difficult to find these days with most people resorting to using paper clips clothes pins or tape to close their chips however Joseph Joseph has invented a new type of bag clip that is magnetic making bag storage incredibly easy the best part about these clips is that they have a small section of whiteboard material on the front allowing you to write small notes on the clip to remind yourself of the contents of the bag or the date in which the bag was sealed any standard dry erase marker can be used on the clip making it super easy to remember important information about your storage products the magnetic clasp mechanism means these clips are built to last providing a seemingly infinite number of clasps without ever wearing down check them out for yourself and usher in a new era of chip clip goodness

Bottle Blasters if you own a pet who loves to spend time outdoors this product could be a game changer whether you have a dog cat or other pet it's no surprise that they can get very hot when left outdoors in the summer months many of us love to take our pets on miniature outdoor vacations with us though it can be difficult to keep them hydrated the bottle blaster makes this incredibly easy giving your pet instant access to your water bottle without them needing to drink from your hand this cap can screw onto any standard bottle and can be used as a makeshift shower head for your animals giving them a steady supply of water wherever you go you can even use it to wash off their dirty paws after a hike or jog eliminating cleanup in your vehicle or your home

Cutshield gloves if you're an avid cooker or simply find yourself being the main one in your home to prepare meals you'll likely do a lot of cutting and chopping in your kitchen while this can be a fun and rewarding process it can be very easy to cut yourself leading to serious injury or contaminated food though with cut shield gloves injuries can be a thing of the past these gloves are made with a proprietary blend of fibers that prevent you from getting cut by a standard kitchen knife the gloves can prevent both minor and severe cuts without damaging the surface of the gloves or the surface of your skin the best part is that they are also machine washable so you can toss them in with your dirty laundry after use making them a breeze to take care of them

Stopshroom universal stopper this is a new piece of technology that can make drain stoppage much easier and faster if you live in a home that doesn't have convenient drain stoppage devices or maybe they are simply broken the Stopshroom can help this is a universal drain stopper that is designed to fit on top of nearly any drain you may have in your home just place the stopper over the drain and press it down when you're ready to open the drain just grab the tab on the edge of the stopper and remove it from the drain it's very simple the sleek design means that this stopper is very easy to clean allowing you to wash it by hand or toss it in your dishwasher for added convenience it can be used over and over again and is designed to last for years

Resqme while automobile manufacturers have made great strides in increasing the safety of our vehicles there are still unforeseen circumstances that can pop up from time to time potentially leaving room for serious harm or the loss of life while driving a vehicle if you are in a vehicle crash certain aspects of your vehicle may cease to function your car door may become wedged shut or your seat belt mechanisms may be stuck in the locked position trapping you in the seat of your car this tool can save your life in both situations providing a seat belt cutting tool as well as a glass breakage tool that can fit on your keyring the seat belt cutter can be used by simply slicing the seat belt with the blade the window breaking tool is used by pressing the butt of the tool against the glass in your car a spring operated mechanism will then pop the glass allowing you to freely exit your vehicle through the window

Tubshroom if you or your loved one often lose large amounts of hair down the drain this drain stopper could save your relationship and your plumbing system this tool easily wedges into your drain allowing steady water flow while catching hair that may become lodged in your plumbing system once the Tubshroom is full of hair just pull it out of the drain and remove the hair it's much easier than having to deal with drain snakes chemical clog removers or other difficult products you

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