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3 Meat Thermometers Under $20 That You Should Know About


If you are the kind of person who likes to cook or is looking to get into cooking the one thing you should know is that getting the right temperature is super important. You want to make sure the stuff that needs to be cooked is and the stuff that can be more tender is not overcooked. Nothing gets you that information better than a meat thermometer. We found this video on YouTube that gives a great breakdown of three options that you might like that are under $20. The last option is a more expensive wireless option that if you'd like to check out as well it's there. That being said, the first three thermometers are what caught our attention because they are under $20.

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Greetings everybody ken here and today we're going to be talking about the best digital meat thermometers because nobody likes food poisoning and the best way to assure that you're not going to get it is to make sure your food's cooked properly and a meat thermometer is the best way to make sure you do that because in addition to cooking chicken and making sure that it is right you also want to use them to make sure that your steaks are coming out to whatever temperature you like and if you want that beautiful red medium rare or medium then a meat thermometer is the best way to ensure that you're doing everything right and also not overcooking the ones that aren't temperature so today I’ll be looking at the best meat thermometers and break them down by their features and benefits so you can see which of these might be the best choice for you based upon your particular situation and as always I’ll include links to each of these down below so you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of them that you might be interested in and also if there are any special deals discounts coupon codes on any of them I’ll include that in the description as well

So the best overall meat thermometer that we came across was the Thermopro digital meat thermometer it's an all-around excellent solution for food safety and avoiding food poisoning it's got just about every feature or setting you could want in a meat thermometer for convenience including a really bright backlit display it's got waterproof casing to make sure that the juices from what you're cooking don't leak in and ruin it it's even got a motion center that automatically wakes it and puts its sleep whether or not you're using it one of the standout features of this meat thermometer is its auto-rotating display and no matter what you're using it and what angle whether you're trying to check the underside of a turkey or looking at the breasts whatever you may be doing the led screen rotates automatically it'll allow you read it and that's good news if you're a southpaw and don't want to have to read it upside down Thermopro also has a few other unique settings like a locking feature that keeps the display lock for you to read it away from the heat it also has a magnetic back to help you store it wherever it's convenient for you like on the fridge or use the hole that it has to hang it from hook or rack and one of the things that's really great of course is the accuracy of the thermometer but you can also calibrate it quickly if necessary with the built-in calibration function if you find that it's a few degrees off so the best overall meat thermometer that we came across was a Thermopro digital meat thermometer and that could be an ideal choice for you

The best waterproof meat thermometer was the AMAGARM digital me thermometer and having a waterproof meat thermometer can be a real major convenience in the kitchen and the AMAGARM digital meat thermometer does the trick unlike some of the inexpensive meat thermometers that don't have waterproof casing this thermometer can be cleaned with a damp cloth before you use it after you use it without damaging the internal electronic system just don't submerge it in water to clean it because that'll certainly ruin it but when you cook splashes happens liquids fly everywhere and for this thermometer none of that is a problem it also has quick readouts ready for you in about three seconds max you can hang on to the body of the thermometer and insert into your food or utilize the finger hole at the end for more control and keep your fingers away from the heat and other things about that we found notable was the auto off function it's got a foldable probe and it has the ability to withstand high heat enough to check oil temperatures too so if you like to fry that makes it a double threat so the best overall waterproof meat thermometer was the AMAGARM digital meat thermometer and that could be a good choice for you

The best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking was the Thermapro LCD digital meat thermometer and it could be really tricky to get the temperatures of grilled and smoked foods just right because slow and low as they say in the biz is a difficult process however the Thermopro LCD digital meat thermometer is probably one of the best ones out there for the job it comes with super durable meat probe that can withstand high temperatures you can leave it in the smoker or grill to continuously check the temperature of your food and it'll be safe up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit so if you want to get that crisp on it this meat thermometer is going to withstand the heat the probe and wire connect to the main unit which you can set on the stove or next to your grill or smoker or whatever it is and display the temperature it will sound an alarm when your food reaches the desired temperature and there are several pre-programmed meat temperatures to help you set the alarm quickly and without the guesswork so if you've got a steak and you want it mid-rare this thing will help you do it the temperature ranges from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit so this thermometer should work just about any food that you cook unless you plan to incinerate it so the best meat thermometer for grilling and smoking was the Thermopro LCD digital meat thermometer and that could be a really good choice for you

The best wireless me thermometer was the meter plus smart wireless me thermometer so for the more techie end of the meat thermometer spectrum the meter plus smart wireless meat thermometer definitely fits the bill if you want an all-in-one convenience solution lets you check on your food from other rooms right on your smartphone so if you're busy and you're smoking something and you want to leave even just to go to the bathroom the app they have will keep you connected and let you do that you can keep the probe inside the meat in the oven the grill the smoker check on it from the connected app on your mobile device up to 165 feet away you can also set up custom notifications and alerts to indicate when your food's ready to come out they have two sensors on the probes that let you track both the internal and external temperatures at the same time the app will even estimate how long it takes before your food is done based upon the type of meat and the temperature you set it to which is really really cool it has a Bluetooth capability and it's also compatible with Alexa so if you're looking for the best wireless meat thermometer with a lot of techie features the meter plus smart wireless meat thermometer is probably going to be an ideal choice for you

So hopefully you found this video helpful if so please feel free to leave a thumbs up a good bit of digital validation always feels nice and makes me feel warm and fuzzy so thank you for that and just a reminder I’ll include links to each of these products down below so you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of these that you might be interested in also let me know any comments or questions you have you know I love getting to answer as many of those as I can interacting with people who share the same passions as me is really cool but otherwise thanks so much for watching hope you have a great rest of your day stay safe out there and I’ll see you in the next video


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