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4 Fictional Spaceship Keychains Under $20 You Should Know About

For us in the geek and nerd community, it's hard to not fall in love with all things science fiction. As a result you are going to learn about some of the most iconic star ships that make up those properties. No matter who you are, you dream of being able to take a journey in at least one of those ships. Since obviously the technology does not exist, the ships don't either. So the next best thing you can do is carry them with you on your keychain. So let's take a look at 4 of the best spaceships in science fiction that you can have with you everyday on your keychain.

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1. The Star Trek Enterprise D Key Chain

The enterprise D keychain from Star Trek the next generation

The Enterprise from any Star Trek is of course going to be iconic. That said, if you asked any Star Trek fan which one is their favorite? It would be hard to argue that they would not say the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The ship itself is just so beautiful and has probably the most storied history in the Star Trek Universe. You can get the keychain on Amazon for only $17.99 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 400 ratings.

2. The Serenity Key Chain From Firefly

The serenity spaceship keychain based on the show firefly

While the show was short lived, it left a very huge mark in the science fiction community. The Serenity has always been a ship the symbolizes the idea of escaping out to the frontier where you can still be free. If we could, we would love to have a ship like this with a solid crew that could keep us flying from world to world, taking odd jobs and exploring new things. This keychain is full metal and has a nice little gold finish on it too to give it a shinier look. You can get it on Amazon for only $12.22 and it has a 4.7 star score on over 40 ratings.

3. The Millennium Falcon From Star Wars Pewter Key Chain

The millennium falcon keychain from star wars

Probably the most popular and iconic ship from the world of star wars. If it isn't Han Solo's Millennium falcon then the only other alternative would have to be Boba Fett's Slave One. The Falcon has carried itself as a symbol of many different things. Whether you have the desire to be a smuggler that wants to boast the reputation of how fast you are, or if you want to be the flagship of the resistance. Either way works and merits this item to be on your keychain. You can get it on Amazon for only $9.79 and it has a 4.6 star score on over 1000 ratings.

4. The Slave I Keychain From Star Wars

The slave one keychain from star wars

Speaking of the other iconic ship from Star Wars, it would make sense that we put the Slave One on our list of spaceship keychains. Boba Fett has got to be the most insane character of all time, to have so little dialogue in the movies and yet to turn into one of the most popular characters in media. The big part of it has to be the fact that all of us deep down in side would love to try and be a bounty hunter. Just once to see how it is. For those who have always had that desire, this keychain is the one for you. You can get it on Amazon for only $14.99 and it has a 4.6 star score on over 150 ratings.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article.


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