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4 Gadgets Under $20 to Make Life Easier? Tested and Ranked!



Welcome back everybody now today I’m testing and ranking four gadgets under 20 books supposedly useful supposedly make your life easier let's see if they really work in today's video

Let's get started with the click and carry this was on shark tank there's nothing really to unbox on this one but I did pay $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping from the direct from the official website I believe it's also available on amazon the claims are that it's designed to equalize weight distribution will carry in bags and items with handles it includes padding to help protect your shoulders or hands they say it's great for grocery bags cans dry clean and more it holds up to about 80 pounds it was featured on shark tank and qvc all you have to do is twist hang and click reviews seem pretty good for this one so I put it to the test and here's how that went all right field test with the click and carry with some groceries let's check it out that's all I have to all I do is just push it down like this turn and we can just load it up you're supposed to make it kind of even on each side so I’ll alternate where I put them on there. It's me I can fit in one click and carry oh that's heavy that's a lot of heavy stuff all right kind of over overloaded this thing all right so it's kind of it's pretty comfortable on the hand they say you can actually put it over your shoulder let's see oh wow it actually I can have my hands are free just I’m gonna go inside like this I have my hands free to do I don't know what I'd do with them but my hands are free at least or we could go old school and just carry it like this I actually kind of like the shoulder better here we go all right I gotta say I’m kind of happy with this I got more tests to do but my first impression is pretty good so I’ve been using something similar to this for a couple years now you might recall this from a video from 2019 so the clicking carry has a similar function but the only problem with this is that there's two problems with this is that number one you can't go over your shoulder and number two all the weight seems to go to one side or the other which the clicking carry seems to have solved because it allows you to put it on each side when you use this one as much as I like it tends to always go to one side or the other so I think the click and carry first impression seems to be an upgrade over this type of bag clip but before I get ahead of myself let's try a few more things I was recently cleaning out the storage area in my garage and I ran across a very old paint I can't believe I still have it but I put it aside because I knew I was going to be testing out the clicking carry I thought might be a good chance to test this out carrying a couple of not completely full but still pretty heavy paint cans they show a person carrying two in each in each one of these let's try it out all right here we are a couple of very old cans of paint but they're still pretty heavy there's still quite a bit in there I’m sure it's all dried up now but let's see we got they showed one on each side oh yeah not bad not bad at all I don't know why some cans of paint have such uncomfortable handles so this definitely helps it feels pretty sturdy too I guess you could take this down to the paint store with yourself and carry it out like that pretty good all right so when I saw it on shark tank I knew I had to try this one because I’ve been using something for years that it's pretty similar so I didn't really expect much of it but actually I’m kind of surprised at how well it works it seems to have taken a rather traditional design made some improvements and made what I think is a better carrying clip so I think the click and carry is a good product.

Next up is the bread buddy now it just kind of looks like an ordinary bread container but I guess it kind of isn't I paid $17.34 for this which seems a little bit steep for just a basically a plastic container but they do say it has three uses number one it is a container that keeps your bread fresh longer it also protects them from getting squished and it works as a dispenser which we'll get into in a moment there's not a lot to it I should point out there are some holes in the bottom here which some people on amazon had complaints about which is funny because it's part of the design otherwise in some cases there would be a vacuum form you wouldn't be able to get the bread out so it kind of has to be there it also occurred to me that this allows you to store your bread vertically which is kind of different can be handy for cupboards that have a kind of tight space in them but let me try a couple of loaves and see how it works try some Sara Lee uh wheat bread let's see how that just let's see how it fits in there first all right well it does fit oh it kind of like stopped most of the way down all right it's a pretty tight squeeze but it does fit there's some classic wonder sandwich bread there's a very large loaf and it fits all the way in there very nice while it's in there let's just go with the wonder bread and see how it goes let's take the bread tie off and then what we're supposed to do is fold the packaging on the outside of the bread buddy like this so that is how we're going to dispense it all right put the lid on there all right so just for normal storage this is what we've got the bread is inside and some of the wrapping is on the outside it feels pretty sturdy feels pretty sturdy all right I would say it's sturdy. Now let's say I want some bread out of here let's see what we got oh yeah look at that and then you can if you have it too high you just push it back in I mean it's a simple design but it seems to kind of work all right so what I’m going to do is I’m going to simulate and use an entire loaf I’m going to take two slices out put the lid on take the lid off take more slices out and see how the process goes I’m kind of curious what happens when you get down to the bottom if it's still going to be efficient with that let's see so taking two slices out lid back on dispense two more slices this might take a minute so we might have to speed things up just a little bit so let's cut to the fast motion while I’m doing this test cut the fast motion down to the very bottom here couple of observations number one the packaging gets very long at this point you kind of have to crumple it up or it starts getting kind of unmanageable number two it seems like when you get kind of low it's hard to push it back down if you go too far up not too bad but something I noticed but otherwise it's working pretty flawlessly it's uh it's whoops I gotta say I mean it worked exactly as I expected it to there was no surprises and nothing went wrong uh it seems like it's pretty good if I can put this bread back in here now see if I can do that that worked it worked I’ve got to save just from an initial test this seemed to work exactly as I thought it would it worked flawlessly let me do one more quick durability test outside and then move on to the next item how about a bread buddy drop test really expect it all right bailey says it's okay bailey's impressed bailey's very impressed by that all right so as far as a bread buddy goes it's one of those things you see you probably think I don't really need something like that but its ability to make the bread more stackable it protects it keeps it fresh and dispenses it I think a lot of people are going to find the bread buddy to be pretty useful

Next up this is not an ordinary pair of scissors these are laser scissors it sounds like something Dr. Evil would have invented but actually this is on amazon let's first take a look back at the unboxing and see how that went quickly open up these laser scissors it says see on tv I don't understand advertising television but it's got one of these horrifying packages luckily I’ve got my slit it which can open it up here it is looks like a standard pair of scissors with a little bit extra going on here reading over these uh instructions here looks like we have to pull this out to get the battery activated I just pulled this out and we got a button here that I think this activates the laser there it is interesting very interesting will that be good for cutting I don't know it's gonna be weird because your hands are moving the laser so as you move around the laser is gonna change supposedly you can also adjust the laser with these screws right here so it looks like it's pretty straight from what I can tell now I paid $10.98 for these it looks like just a household pair of scissors with a laser attached to it they say it's good for fabric cutting paper and more reviews are pretty bad for this to be honest actually a few people seem to like them so I’m going to see if I can make the best of what it is so the way this is supposed to work is you're supposed to make a mark or maybe make a slit on one side and then you're supposed to turn on the laser and just basically line it up with that slit or mark while you're cutting ideally it'll give you a nice straight cut so let's see how that goes sounds easy enough but the reviews were not very good for this let's see if I can get to work so first I’m going to do is make a slit on this side that's going to be where I’m going to try to go to let's see now hit the laser button laser is engaged not very bright but let's see so now what I want to do is line up the laser with the slit on the other side which is what I’m kind of doing here and I’m just going to keep cutting while I line that up while the laser moves every time I even move the scissors at all like I guess I’m doing it I mean it's really hard to keep that laser kind of straight the closer I get to the the slit I actually have to tilt the scissors more and more it's getting it's getting more awkward as I go the laser is completely off the page now I can't even get to it I almost feel worn out cutting that one line let me straight I guess it's I guess it's kind of straight ish I’m noticing that it kind of goes uh bows a little bit in the center there I kind of went at a slight angle I don't know let me let me try something let me keep trying let me keep trying here I’m gonna try another test here I think what I’m gonna do is take a piece of cardboard I’m gonna draw a line lightly on one side and I’m gonna cut on the other and see how close my cutting is with the line on the other side let's try it out all right just kind of draw a random line right down the center here all right so I’ve got a marking here and I’ve got a marking here and this is the exact same spot where the line is on the other side so if I’m off we'll know all right so here's my mark this is my landing spot so I hope to aim for when I’m cutting oh man this laser whenever you move it the laser moves around how are you supposed to fall a laser when it moves every time you move the scissors once I get about this far my laser is off the table I can't even I can't even see it on the cardboard anymore I just kind of guess all right turn it over let's look at our line here oh look at this hack job it's like I got off and then I’m off the line for quite a while and then I kind of start easing back toward it so far I’m pretty underwhelmed by these laser scissors let me try one more time this wrapping paper has lines on the back side I’m just going to cut a straight line across the front and see how straight it is I’m going to aim for that snowflake right there I honestly feel like I could do about as well without a laser at all right here's the final product of the wrapping paper as you can see not very impressive it's not straight it's kind of jagged I could have probably done just as well on my own even without the lines I don't think I need to test these anymore these are just not very good I should have known from the bad reviews this is going to be a bust I mean I like the idea but every time you're moving your hand the lasers are moving around that's not nice idea but they need to go back to the drawing board in this one I’m just wondering if some practice will make me better at this let me try a bunch of paper and see what happens all right timeout that's it I give up I you can't make a straight line with these scissors there's a couple reasons why first of all not only are you moving your scissors left to right this way but you're also moving it left to right this way either one of those will affect how the laser points it's a good idea but I just think this is an utter failure so they're actually a pretty good pair of scissors but the laser adds absolutely nothing of value to it.

And finally it's this multi-function car gadget this is under 20 bucks it has probably the most ratings I’ve ever seen for any product on amazon over a hundred thousand ratings it's also amazon's choice and number one in this category its primary function is that of a bluetooth fm transmitter but it has multiple functions as well so let's take a look back at my review and see how that went so the gadget's main function is that of an fm bluetooth wireless transmitter so your phone transmits to this device it transmits to an open fm station and you can listen to music in your car even though a lot of newer cars have bluetooth some cars like the one I’m sitting in now it's bluetooth doesn't work very well it's been the bane of my existence from last couple years maybe something like this will work for me but there's other functions as well allows for hands-free calling with a built-in microphone it has a usb port for your device to charge it has an auxiliary port so you can plug directly into it if you have an old-school mp3 player even has an sd card port so you can put your music directly on there so let's first take a look back at the unboxing and see how that went here we go the km18 fm transmitter with this ridiculous amount of reviews on amazon over a hundred thousand ratings okay user manual I’ll go through that pretty carefully auxiliary cable here's the unit itself it looks a little bit smaller in person than I expected not too bad though they say this all in one button can be used to answer or reject hang up phone calls and switch between calls and music these two buttons appear to be your channel select and these two appear to be your forward and back for music 1.44 inch screen for display information goose neck design for easy adjustment all right so the first thing you have to do is pair it with your phone so I want to make sure this worked before I even took the time to review it I plugged in last night it showed up on my phone's bluetooth options I tapped it was paired very simple I also noticed this morning that it automatically paired with my phone now that it's been set up so whenever I get my car now it automatically pairs up with it the real trick to this is that you really have to find an empty fm station in your area and here in las vegas that's kind of hard it seems like every other station has something broadcasting or it's picking up a signal from a nearby station so it's a bit difficult I actually went through every single fm station last night and tried to find the quietest one the quietest one I could find is 89.1 fm you'll probably have to play with it because your area will be different and as you're driving around that could change too so that's something to consider but let me plug it in and show you how it works now the first thing you have to do is find an open 12 volt port so I got one there and I’ve got one way back there and I have one of the back seat which obviously I can't get to so I’m gonna I think this will be the most convenient for this review to show you how it works here all right so when I put my 89.1 on it's kind of staticky plug this in here waiting for pairing…paired all right so it did pair very quickly that's nice it shows that we're on 89.1 fm bluetooth and that has my phone name on it and it is currently paused so what's kind of interesting is as soon as I paired it the infamous station got quiet as it's picking up a signal now if I turn up the station all the way you can hear some static in there do your static and that static you will hear if you play your music loud enough I think if you're driving around you're not going to notice the static but you're sitting still and you have it loud you might notice a static now I have to be careful I got to play non-copyrighted music on here so I’m going to play something from epidemic sound it's actually a song for epidemic sound via spotify all right here we go a song on spotify that I shouldn't have to worry about copyright because it's on also an epidemic sound but it sounds pretty good if I turn up really loud you'll hear a little bit of static in the background now you can play anything from your phone it can be anything that your phone has audio I’m maybe try a youtube video let me try putting a an sd card in here if I put some music on this sd card again not copyrighted but let me uh let me put it on there and show you how that works the sd card goes right in the side here and as soon as you put it in there it seems like it starts playing as soon as I put it in there starts playing but what's nice is that it does pick up from the last time you played it doesn't start from beginning every time so see what the sd card is a bit clunky like right now like this is supposed to be playing it's not um just the volume but we can just volume this this way and it just it's just not playing if I skip tracks it's still not playing it's like once it stops once it decides it doesn't want to play anymore it just stops playing the only way I can really fix this is by holding this down and it switches over to my phone and then I hold it down switch over back to the card again and now it goes now it's playing there we go let it stop playing this button here well if you hold it down once it will actually repeat all and then if you hold it down again it goes to random holding down the right button will switch between your phone and the sd card all right in this next section I actually did not even explain what I was doing so I’ll explain it right now what I wanted to do was test out the quality of the hands-free calling of the fm transmitter versus how a phone sounds so I made a phone call between two iphones on the left hand side of the screen you'll hear the speaker of the receiving end of the phone call on the right hand side I’ll be trying out the fm transmitter the iphone and speaker mode the iphone and handset mode to compare how they all sound so here's what happened there all right there's a phone call established between this phone and the phone inside my house okay right now I’m speaking through the fm transmitter let's see how it sounds hopefully it sounds good I don't know we shall see I’m not like I know it's like inside I’ve got the iphone speaker on I’m going to put it about the same distance away all right it's the same distance away from me as the fm transmitter how does that sound hopefully it sounds better we shall see now I’ve got the iphone handset going I’m not sure how that's gonna sound but hopefully it sounds uh I’m assuming it's gonna sound better the two speakers are so one more time here's the iphone handset how does that sound and then this is the iphone speaker how does that sound hopefully it sounds good and finally this is the fm transmitter let's see how that sounds to end the call you should be able to just press this button right here let's see does it end the call oh it did it did work all right I should point out in that last clip if all three of those kind of sounded the same that's because they do I actually made a few phone calls off camera and the person on the other end said that really all three configurations sounded about the same the handset was about the loudest the fm transmitter was kind of the middle and the iphone speaker was at the bottom so really the fm transmitter's microphone microphones pretty good so really the only problem I had with this was the sd card I didn't have a lot of luck with that one everything else worked well I think there's a lot of functions here that make it valuable to a lot of people I think $20 bucks is actually quite reasonable for this so I think this is actually a pretty good product

So let me recap and rank these four gadgets shall we number four clearly is the laser scissors they don't really work they're not very useful they're not very well conceived I like the idea but that's not the way to do it I think of the of the four of these products this is the one that I would definitely not recommend number three I’m going to say is the fm car transmitter I do think that that is a quite useful product it's not something everybody needs but if you do need something like that that would probably be my go-to item the only thing I had the problem with was the sd card but everything else worked quite well I think it's actually a good product number two I’m gonna go with the bread buddy it's one of those things that you don't really think you're gonna need but once you have it you're glad you do it keeps your bread fresh it keeps it protected it dispenses it I think it's actually a good idea and that leaves me with number one to me the click and carry is the best of these four it's a really good product it was on shark tank it takes a traditional idea makes it look better it allows you to carry things on your shoulder you can carry things in your hands easier I just think it's a really good idea so that's all I’ve got for this video if you've tried any some of you think in the comments below please subscribe for more videos like this I appreciate you watching and I’ll see you next time

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