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4 Products Under $20 That Are Underpriced

Price is a subjective thing. What one person could find expensive another person could think think it's an absolute bargain. That being said sometimes you have products that objectively ask for way more than the value that they give, while other times you have products that are priced so well you wonder where the catch is. The following four products are not being deemed as underpriced because they are low in price (although they are) but instead because the value they return is so much more than the cost they bear.

1. Smartphone Screen Protectors

Ailun Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro [6.1 Inch] Display 3 Pack Tempered Glass, Case Friendly

It doesn't matter what it is. The iPhone, Android, iPad, Surface, iWatch, etc... at some point in time you are probably going to drop your expensive digital device and if you do repairing it does not come cheap. The cost to repair a screen on a smartphone can run you between $100 and $300. Obviously a lot will depend on the type of device. Some might be cheaper, others might be costly. What we think is safe to say is that no matter what your device is, there is no way it will be cheaper than $20 to fix. Therefore you can't go wrong picking up some of these screen protectors for any device you have. We featured the ones from Ailun, but if you click the button you'll get a whole bunch of results to choose from.

2. "Hide A Key" Spare House Key Hider Objects

RamPro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock - Looks & Feels like Real Stone - Safe for Outdoor Garden or Yard, Geocaching

Did you know that a locksmith runs between $100 and $200 an hour? Probably even more during certain hours when it's an emergency and you can't get into your house on say a late night or weekend. The point is, getting back into your house when you have been locked out is not cheap. Aside from the fact that having a spare key outside your house is a great when there is an emergency and you need to get into a loved ones house or maybe you need someone to come rescue you. It's great to have just for those random times where you genuinely forget your keys inside your house before you lock it on the way out. Hey it happens to all of us, no body is perfect. The good news is you have these cool key hiders that can take the shape of rocks or sprinkler heads that you can put anywhere outside your house and no one will be the wiser. Or you can go with a classic small magnetic box. They all work and they are nearly all $20 or less. Click the link below to see some of the options that you can select from.

3. Portable Air Compressor For Car Tires

Atsanc Tire Inflator, 12V DC Portable Air Compressor with Auto-Shutoff Design, Electric Air Pump for Car Tires Fast-Inflating, Auto Digital Car Tire Pump 150PSI Max with LED Light for Various Purposes

If you are lucky enough to only have a small leak in your tire, a portable air compressor can be worth its weight in gold. The main issue when it comes to any leaking tire is the fact that if it gets flat before you can get it replaced it will become too dangerous to drive on. That's where this thing comes into play in more ways than one. It can either put enough air in your tire to get you to a place where you can fix it, or you can use it on your spare which there is a good bet is also deflated because we all forget that our spare tire needs air every now and then. Without the ability to even temporarily drive to where you need to go, you will find yourself having to get a tow truck. Curious as to the cost? Well it depends on how far the truck has to take you, they will usually charge by mile. That said according to Google, the national average of a tow truck is around $95. The link below will take you to the compressor featured above. The pump by Atsanc is an overall pick by Amazon for compressors under $20.

4. Keychain Multitools

edcfans Keychain Knife, EDC Multitool Key Chains, Small Pocket Knives with Clip Box Cutter with Can/Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, Wrench and Pry Tool, Gifts for Men Women Dad Everyday Carry

You don't have to be a die hard member of the everyday carry community to see the value in keychain multitools. Having what you need handy is always an awesome thing and when you think about it also saves you money. How? Think of it this way. Think of all the time you have wasted over your life looking for a tool that you needed in a pinch? Whether it's scissors, a knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, etc... If you were to add up all of that time, how much time do you think you spent looking for what you needed vs having it right there for you in a moments notice? Even if it's only a couple of hours you have already come out ahead if you were being paid minimum wage. So save yourself some time and sanity by picking up one that you like. Check the link to see the selection.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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