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5 Gadgets Under $20 by Request Video by Freakin Reviews



Welcome back everybody now today I’m testing out five different products all of them by request and all of them $20 or less to see how they really work that's today's video so because I’m squeezing five products into one video this won't be quite as extensive as some of my other videos are but I kind of pick products that don't require extensive reviewing anyways so in this video I’m going to show you my initial test and at the very end I’ll update you and let you know if anything changes

My first two gadgets are kind of tested together so let's check out the usb phone fan and the french fry ketchup holder now I bought this from aliexpress months ago they have these also on amazon what's interesting is that the one on aliexpress and even the instructions on this one show a little bit different model than the one I got you can see from the instructions most of the ones I’ve seen on amazon aliexpress have a little adapter where you can go from android to iphone uh this one's supposed to but it doesn't but that's beside the point because it looks like it does have the iphone connector on the end so it doesn't really matter I guess very simple all you do is attach these two pieces together attaching the pieces I think I only paid a buck for this on aliexpress but you add shipping and a month or two of wait time I think I saw a six pack on amazon for 14 bucks that'd probably be the way to go because you get a lot faster returns a lot easier but if you want to go the aliexpress route I’ll let you know how it goes again old iphone 7 right here let's see oh not bad I mean I turned my air off in the car so it's a little bit stuffy in here that's nearly not that bad you can't push the button if you got an iphone 7 you're going to stick your finger to the fan if you want to push the button you really can't even swipe up either I guess you have to make some sacrifices in the name of comfort some people on the amazon comments were complaining that it didn't work as well with cases on of course they had they had the one with the adapter this doesn't have the adapter on it this is there's no adapter here's an iphone uh 10s max with a case on it that seems to be working pretty well it's a decent breeze it's not it's not amazing but you know when there's stagnant air like in this car with no air on when it's 100 degrees outside it's not it's actually not bad try a different case this is a much thicker case uh let's see how this is that one you know it doesn't seem to be having any problem whatsoever with cases on here maybe people that use that adapter were having problems with cases because I’m not having the problem with this one if you never saw my aliexpress video I’ll link that below but uh this one attaches your steering wheel and you can put your phone on there obviously not while driving but if you're sitting parked this combination of these two things might actually work well together I have a full charge on my phone so that should not be an issue I’m going to let the fan blow while I’m reviewing my next product and I’m gonna let it sit there and see how it goes all right that's interesting I’m gonna let it sit here and go the whole time but I got another gadget for the car and this one is a fast food related gadget which I love fast food gadgets and the fan just stopped the fan just what's up with it the fan just stopped come on now do I have to activate my oh come on now when the phone times out it's going to turn the fan off just went off again oh man all right let's see if it keeps going or not there we go come on now you serious terrible wow I cannot tell you how disappointed I am that that's doing that it's going on and off between mount again come on now man what's up with this it just went off again I give up I give is aliexpress what do you expect it was a dollar well let me let me get to the next gadget while this disappointing fan keeps turning on and off every time my phone turns off.

I think it's technically advertised as a fry and ketchup holder but you can use it for other things like vegetables and ranch or nuggets and sauce you can use a lot of different things this actually fits right into a cup holder for the car very nice I’ve got some medium fries from mcdonald's you know I’m not a huge mcdonald's fan but their fries are probably still the best the only way you're gonna take advantage of this is to dump these in there this part comes out so there's two slots in there where it slides into so I guess you could put your fries in there but then you're not gonna be able to put the this in here without kind of smashing the fries so I think you need to put this in first so we put it in there I guess I’m just gonna kind of dump them like this hopefully I don't make too much of a mess not too bad I guess not as easy as it seems when you're not looking I didn't think that french fries and ketchup could be displayed so nicely but it's nicely displayed when I do splurge mcdonald's I usually get something like chicken nuggets with hot mustard sauce I don't eat it often but when I do I enjoy it now you might think where is he going to put his hot mustard sauce well good thing I’ve got my saucemoto dip clip from a previous review which I’ll also link that below I will show you how this works even though this is not really part of this video all right so the saucemoto dip clip goes right on your vent like this I think this was on shark tank I think it was a shark tank but it was I’ve used it for I actually use this once in a while then you can drop your dipping sauce right in there now I’ve got my chicken nuggets and dipping sauce here I’ve got my fries and my ketchup there and you know what what's weird going back to my fan for a second the fan hasn't shut off now it's been going for the whole time I don't know why it was shutting off so much before now it's going continuously so but I digress let me get back to the french fry holder here I mean once you get that in there it's pretty basic I mean you just take your fries out and dip them there's not really much to say about that here we go if I have any minor complaints it's that the dipping area is kind of narrow I’m nitpicking I’m looking for things to complain about it almost makes your french fries look kind of high class doesn't it it's pretty basic it works pretty much as it's supposed to it holds a medium fry I don't think it'll hold off a large fry this is a medium fried mcdonald's it's kind of full actually I had to eat a few pieces to get them out of the way so I don't think it's gonna hold more than that going back to my fan here it's been running non-stop for about five minutes so I’m kind of happy about that in my sauce moto dip clip which is not part of this video it's working pretty good too now this is just the first two of five things before I go on I’m gonna sit here and finish my food I’m gonna see if this fan shuts off and see if there's any other problems with this but so far the fan's working fine now I don't get that like why would it start working now and it wasn't working there initially because my phone is off so I it should not be I don't know I don't get it but I’m going to finish my food I’m going to let the fans sit here for a while and I will let you know if anything changes all right as I’m finishing up my food here I got two observations one about each product the french fry holder we get to the bottom it's kind of hard to reach in there it's like it actually gets underneath this clip so you kind of have to fish that little last part out not really a big deal but something to consider and the other thing is the fan is weird because at first it was cutting off all the time now it's run for like eight minutes straight hasn't stopped at all my phone has been off no notifications I don't understand why I was working now and it wasn't before but that's nice that's a pleasant breeze it's not a strong breeze but it's pleasant I I’m pleasantly surprised that it started to decide to work but I don't know why it works now and it didn't before I’ll keep using this and let you know if it continues maybe it was a fluke I don't know I think that's about enough for these so let's move on to the next gadget

These are called the food huggers this is actually how they came their silicone food covers now I actually washed them out and put them back in here because I just like the way they're displayed but they have different sizes here I have not used these I’ve only washed them so really there are three bucks a piece which I guess seems a little bit like a lot I don't know the reviews are pretty good for this it's amazon's choice right now it has about five thousand reviews most people seem satisfied with them some people had a few what I thought were kind of fair criticisms of it they say you can use this on anything from raw fruits vegetables to cans so I’m going to try a little bit of both and see how they go your first instinct is to kind of pull it apart and wrap it over I think what you're supposed to do is just shove it on there but I’m just thinking the purple might be better so I think you're just kind of supposed to shove it in there I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put this and this both in the fridge I’ll check them tomorrow and see if there's any difference I’ll put this one in just the regular uh plastic wrap and the food hugger before I go too much further with all the food items let me try a couple cans because I might use those on food items as well say you're uh you only want to drink half of one which I don't know why you would do that but some people might you want to put it back in the fridge that one's a little bit loose let me try a different one here maybe this one that would work quite well I think pretty good let's say you have this open can of coke with coffee what size will fit on there well the yellow one hmm here's a case where I don't have one that seems to be quite the right size let me take this one off the can well that seems to work for that one too okay I guess I would need more of this size if I want to do multiple cans huh all right let's say we got a half a cucumber we need to do something with this okay I can't just leave it like that right I guess this is going to be the closest one it's a little bit loose but I guess it's kind of forming a seal around it ish this one seems a little bit loose this one seems it's not big enough so it's going to have to go with this one let's try half of an apple now will it fit in here not quite sure let me see I guess it's going to have to be the red one the red one seems like it's providing a better seal it seems work pretty well half of a lemon the only one I only have two left and it's not going to fit in this one I don't even know what I’m going to do with this one but it should fit in here oh that fit nicely went right in perfectly sealed that actually is holding it quite well I don't really know what I’m going to do with this one maybe try a banana I guess I don't really cut my bananas in half with a peel still on but I’ll try it I guess I never prepare my bananas like this but some people might and those people might need something like this if they're going to save their banana for the next day all right I think it's working that seemed to work so let's take a look at what we got here oh you can even stand it up that's actually kind of cool all right this is what we got I think that so far that my first impression is actually pretty good it seems like not everything is going to fit in there some things are kind of in between sizes but overall it looks pretty good I’m going to put these in the fridge and with their counterparts just put in plastic wrap and check them tomorrow but otherwise I think it works pretty well it's a bit strange but it's also a bit oddly satisfying so we'll see tomorrow how these go all right it's been 24 hours let's check it out I should also point out that I tried different uh ways of putting them in the fridge you can actually stack these I’m not sure if they're supposed to but it seemed to work out so that does add a little bit of extra feature to if you can actually stack something that's not normally stackable this is the plastic wrap banana a little bit of brown not terrible let's try the food hookers now plastic wrap off it's pretty similar uh plastic wrap food huggers that's it's about the same something to point out is you do have to clean out the inside of the food huggers which we don't have to do with plastic wrap but plastic wrap is a wasteful and this is not I don't expect much some lemon because they would hold up overnight anyways these hold up for a long time anyways but plastic wrap food hugger is about the same cucumbers plastic wrap food huggers not much difference once again all right here's the apple on the plastic wrap doesn't look too bad really and food huggers oh wait do we have a difference or maybe not they look pretty close I thought maybe the food huggers was going to come out on top it's no worse than plastic wrap they're virtually identical depending on how you look at it the fact that these have all been identical could be good or bad you know I’m trying to see the bright side the bright side there's no waste with these so you know it's they're kind of expensive though kind of balance and finally the tomato and plastic wrap looks fine food huggers oh I gotta clean that out there's a bunch of tomato juice in the bottom there they're identical plastic wrap food huggers all right well I think this was pretty much a tie across the board so depending what you're looking for is whether that's a good thing or not if you don't want to create a lot of waste you don't mind the one-time investment food huggers probably good for you if you don't mind using plastic wrap then I don't see why you'd want to switch on the other hand you can stack foods that are not normally stackable with a food hugger so that's another thing to consider as well to me I think they work I kind of like them they might be a little bit expensive but to me the food huggers do what they're supposed to do so they live up to the advertising hype

Next up is the glocusant I believe it's pronounced neck reading light this is a one of the highest rated items I’ve ever seen on amazon as of this filming it's got 36,700 reviews 4.7 star rating amazon's choice I have a lot of requests for it there's even an ascii on tv similar model called the lizard light I’m not sure if that's going to take off or not but I’ve seen that one advertised as well so let me go over the features of the glucosant glocosant glucosant glucosant neck light all right so there's buttons on either side so you can actually control these one at a time you can go low medium high off low medium high off and there's also a button way back here which changes the color of it you've got it's kind of an amber like a warmer light and a cooler light that's actually a pretty nice feature you can change the warmth of the light itself let me put on a magazine here see how it looks oh it's very bright let me see it's where you can have one on level one on high see I have low high well it's very bright it works quite well you can see me pretty well on the camera but I actually got the settings cranked in there it's pretty dark in here so yeah I can read this fine I don't even I don't even need my reading glasses which I might need when if it's kind of dark so wow that works quite well the other thing I should point out also is that this is very adjustable pretty much any angle you can adjust it you can adjust it like this you can adjust it like that it pretty much adjusts at any angle you want you can make it really wide you can make it narrow I mean it's really I mean you could even you can almost put it like that I mean this it's actually pretty versatile I mean there's I’ve had neck fans where the adjustment's really minor it's not that great this I mean it's amazing this I should also point out that there's models out there kind of similar to this that use batteries that makes them much heavier you actually have to either put rechargeables in there or you have to pay for more batteries this is very lightweight it feels like almost nothing on there but it doesn't feel cheaply made at the same time usually lightweight means cheap but in this case it doesn't it doesn't mean that it just feels lightweight so I’m quite happy with this supposedly the batteries last 80 hours that's a that's a long time um I’ll keep using this throughout the week and I’ll let you know uh if it's that's accurate or not but so far I mean I have nothing bad to say about this I’m kind of glad someone requested it because I’m actually going to probably going to use this I think this is the warm light that's the cool light I think I like the warm light the best wow um yeah so far I’m very impressed by this so far I’ll keep using it and let you know by end of the week how it goes

All right this is the up down light this is an as seen on tv product it's a motion activated light that actually has a light that points up or down or both it's also on amazon I got for 15 bucks let's take a closer look at this before I get started the first thing I noticed when I opened up I was a bit disappointed I thought this was something that plugged into the wall and this is tape come on man I don't want to tape it to my wall anyways so I open it up here it takes uh I think three aaa batteries not included they do give you some mounting screws which I am not going to use uh but there isn't really much to it besides that I’ll put some batteries in here you have on this side you have off auto and on auto is for motion detection on just stays on all the time and on this side you just have the selector which goes if you went up down or both the motion detection supposedly has about a 10 foot range and I think the light stays on for approximately 20 seconds according to the instructions the brightness of the lights is about 32 lumens so not really bright more like a I would say more like a night light it's also for indoor use only so yeah I’m not going to put this on my wall but not with this tape I’ll get some mounting strips and use those I’ve already had my share of these types of taped products damaging my walls oh man let's see oh no I’m probably going to get some mounting strips so I can move it in case I don't like the location I put in so let me do that and then test this out tonight well this was a spot I originally had picked out for not realizing you don't plug it in the wall so I’m just gonna put it right above this outlet and uh these are right here this is a good spot so I want to use it right here now these command strips usually hold much heavier items so I’m not worried about this falling off so I’m putting the commands chips right on the back so it'll be easy to remove all right we'll try to center it here okay just testing it when it's turned on without the motion detection let's check it out all right up down both this button is really hard to feel it you don't feel it at all you have to just almost just know what's there so I’m going to come back a little bit later when it's darker and give it a full test oh and here we go all right it's actually been working for a while since the sun went down a little while ago I’m just now getting my camera out but uh here's how it works now I actually measured how far the motion detection is in this it's actually further than they say I think they say 10 feet I’m measuring it 15 feet away so the motion detection is actually quite good it's certainly a decent night light when it's on the up and down mode let's try let's try all three ways and see how they look see I can't find this button though where's that button at let me take a look at this up position I don't like that as much because you can't see the floor it's almost defeats the purpose it's kind of shining up in your face let me try the down light now down I actually think that makes more sense because it's actually on the floor I kind of like both best let me show you close up with this right here is both up and down looks pretty good now see the adjusted down makes sense because it's illuminating the floor which is what you want to see if you're using it as a night light which I assume you are see as you can see when it's when it's on the up mode the floor is still dark it's kind of shining your face it's almost counterproductive it makes it harder to see where you're going not easier so that's kind of that's kind of bad now when you have it both ways the bottom light kind of offsets it so you don't feel like you're so blinded by it I don't know the up down part kind of seemed to get bit gimmicky to me I don't think I think the last time I filmed the video over here was the underlight four years ago and now it's not turning off it's definitely been more than a minute I think this was supposed to happen I think the only thing that the makers of this have to separate this from a regular night light is the fact that it has the up down feature which to me the up feature by itself is kind of useless so you might as well just leave it on both and call it a night light and call it good it'd also be better if you could plug into a wall at least have the option to and the button on the side is actually almost impossible to find so it's a big gimmicky I guess I don't know it works I think if you buy it you'll like it but it's 15 bucks for basically a nightlight so if that's worth it to you that's all right I don't think that the uh most people are going to be using the up only configuration so at that point you don't really need the up down light you just need the down or both lights I should point out it will work in the daytime as long as the room is not too bright and pets will set off the motion detection just like this

All right so let me recap all these products here first up with the phone mini usb fan now that was kind of weird because at first as you saw it was turning on and off on its own but after a little bit it stopped doing that and it's been probably a week since that test and it's worked flawlessly ever since then I’ve I let it run for over an hour the night that I filmed that video it worked perfectly so I don't I don't know why I did that initially maybe it was sticking I’m not sure but it's working fine now but with that said it kind of seems almost like either a novelty or a gag gift maybe something to hand out at a pool party is kind of a fun gift but I don't think you're going to want to regularly use this because number one people don't want to sit there and hold their fan it also stops you from being able to use your phone at least the bottom part of the screen and number two is going to drain your phone battery it's kind of a fun product but I’m not sure how useful it really is now as far as the french fry holder goes I have nothing really new to update it kind of works either it works or it doesn't it's a nice looking item it displays your french fries and ketchup nicely if you ever need to do that I’m not sure it's really necessary but it was kind of fun to try out now as far as the neck light goes I don't think I’ve used it the full 80 hours they say it's gonna require for one battery charge I’ve used it quite a few nights of reading in bed before I go to sleep I haven't had to recharge the battery once so the battery life seems pretty good I think overall the neck fan works quite well as far as the food huggers goes I’m still trying to use that I’m not I’m still not convinced if I think it's better than just using plastic wrap or not there is something oddly satisfying about it I can't really put my finger on what it is I do like the fact that you can have cut up fruit that's stackable this not normally stack oh that's kind of neat about it does look nice as well so I can see how there will be some people who would really like this some people may not see the point the up down light it's I put in a pretty high traffic area it's been going on and off all day long all night long it doesn't seem to be very light sensitive it's going on in the daytime as well but after three or four days of use the battery seems like they're holding up I haven't noticed any significant drain on the batteries the light's still as bright as it was before I don't I think it's a bit gimmicky I don't think the up light is useful at all it's certainly pleasant enough a night light it works well the only thing I say about the mounting is that I actually put it on a little bit crooked if you noticed in the video itself with command strips I can adjust that if you were to stick on your wall and leave it there it may not be so easy to take it off and remount it so I don't like the mounting system something like velcro and command strip seems like a much better option but that's not available well that's all I’ve got for this video if you've tried any of these products tell me what you think in the comments below I appreciate you watching and I’ll see you next time

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