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5 Gaming Keyboards Under $20 You Should Check Out

From channel TOASTY BROS

Keyboards are always a bit tricky when it comes to finding ones under $20. The prices constantly change and brands can come and go out of stock often. That said we try to stay on top of it as best as we can and we found a video recently posted by the Toasty Bros that checks out 5 gaming keyboards that are all under $20. Check them out while you can because we all know that tech can be fickle when it comes to price.

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Keyboard #1 - 60% Mechanical Mini Keyboard:

Keyboard #2 - MK1 Red Backlit Mechanical Keyboard:

Keyboard #3 - UHURU Mechanical Keyboard:

Keyboard #4 - Full Size 104 Keys Keyboard:

Keyboard #5 - Snpurdiri 60% Mechanical Keyboard:

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Hey how's it going guys Matt and Jack here with the toasty bros and today we're checking out the top five keyboards that are under 20. Yeah so these are some gaming keyboards that you get under 20 bucks we do these roundups every so often they go all the way up to about 50 or 60 bucks then we reset back down to 20 and uh yeah we got a lot of cool gaming keyboards here but before we dive into that let's hear a word from today's sponsor

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So we've done many keyboard and mice and headset roundups by now and yeah there's another keyboard one it's under 20 dollars so don't expect a whole lot but also we've been very surprised in the past where we'll have a random mechanical hot swap keyboard thrown into the bunch so we definitely do our best to find some weird ones and some oddballs but we got full size all the way down to 60% we're gonna have all different switch types and membrane types and rgb types and we're gonna basically plug them in we're gonna test each one of them we're gonna tell you guys our impressions of them so let's go ahead and pick one which one do you want to do this one's been catching my eye this one right here is actually pink though uh maybe I don't know let's do it

So first keyboard we have here is the v700 rgb streamer single zone keyboard that's a long name and look at this I see pubg and some other games on there but yeah so here's like a basic picture of it we got the black but it comes in pink and white as well it says that it has rgb and suspended keycaps I don't know what keyboard doesn't have suspended keycaps I think they all kind of you know float in a way but um it looks pretty cool though it reminds me of a hyperx keyboard I feel like I’ve had this exact same keyboard it has a little hyperx logo uh which is obviously a much you know higher-end one but wow bonus it came with a mouse pad and I will have to say this was $14 $14 that's pretty crazy it says? What is this mamba snake they look like magma but I think mamba snake snake so there we go let's start we got the keyboard here it actually has detached kit no it doesn't okay it's just in there okay so for too much it smells it smells very strongly of plastic it looks like thick yeah it's uh I mean god this is light like I’ve never felt I mean I know it's 60% but it just feels hollow like there's nothing in it um it looks fairly good I mean it's like Matt said it's thick it doesn't have any uh risers on the back it just kind of is what it is it's a 61 key but let's just see how it oh my oh that's that's gonna be fun during the typing test yeah so shift and enter shift and enter sound got off everything else isn't too bad but it's definitely membrane um it almost has like a memcan feel though it has a very like tough click if that makes sense it's hard to depress so I don't know they kind of went for something got some resistance yeah you got to press that that enter button though it is clingy like it has like 10 cans onto it so I’m going to plug it in and see what it looks like should have some lighting come on here in a second oh that's that actually like kind of rgb it actually looks fluid like what the heck okay let's uh let's try different mode okay that's definitely chunky but what's throwing me off no we this is true rgb lighting like it's actually smooth it's actually not like the gradient stuff yeah I’m gonna pop off one of these because I mean I know it's membrane but I’m just curious what we got underneath here by the way you know we have plenty of tools for this but it's like finding them so yeah definitely a big old membrane uh key but yeah I’m definitely so so far the big redeeming qualities for this keyboard the fact that actually has true rgb which I love this I mean this is rare to see on a keyboard that's under $30 a lot of times um like I said membrane keys not the greatest but they feel decent this is definitely some minus points the sharpness let's go ahead and do a typing test on it and kind of go from there do you guys like that what are your thoughts typing on it it's not bad I mean honestly compared to other memory keyboards it felt good I kind of see what they're saying about the suspended keycaps I guess what I’m thinking is those normal office keyboards you know the keys are very low they don't have a lot of travel with this you do get a little bit of that click and you get a little bit of that mechanical feel so it's very memcan like yeah it's pretty decent so far are we doing rating this time are we going to have yeah we'll we're we're operating so right now it's number one but we do have to keep this in mind I mean for 14 bucks like I think if this was a more expensive keyboard we can't we don't who cares about this right like it doesn't matter but the fact that like it's only $14 I mean this you might pay eight bucks for alone so it has to give a little bit of point the snake the mamba snake

Next up we have a magegee keyboard but honestly that lower third right there is gonna be something different because the biggest issue with these mechanical keyboards why I just spoiled it's a mechanical keyboard the biggest issue with these keyboards is you're buying from some company that sells another brand and when you buy the listing it says like 60% keyboard and says nothing else so I can't really tell which keyboard is which I’m being perfectly honest here but I believe because this one is mechanical and I don't know what it is yeah maybe they can match that up maybe somehow uh made in china um but yeah this one's mechanical and the box on the inside is pretty basic you know because they're trying to save some costly if you're paying $16 for a mechanical keyboard I don't think it gets much cheaper than that in I think we're we got mechanical switches this device complies with part 15 of fcc rules you know what I’m just not going to waste some more time with that all right let's go and open this up now here is the keyboard and it looks like any old meiji keyboard I mean we've used this brand so many times in roundups with mice headset and keyboards they just I guess a lot of companies just take this product and just sell it different um oh yeah what is this a1 a2 I guess is a little macro area I don't know I mean and then you function for home and page I mean not many people use home and page up so I guess you got that going for you um let's look on the back real quick so we do have some flip out feet and cable routing that's cool to see so you can route your cable nice and clean underneath the keyboard and they're a non-slip pad so it'll sit nice and uh firm on your desk look it's not going anywhere um over here on the escape key boop we have a blue switch and uh I don't know if jackson can see what it is or if I need to look really closely here he's gonna get he's gonna get laser focused here we oh oh man oh man forgot it won't even oh man it's too small to focus yeah here's where the focal point all right let me know what I did actually I bought magnifying glasses you did yeah they I think they're here all right so we're gonna go ahead and zoom in here can this work on the camera oh yeah I wonder I’m getting a lot of glare I could you see your forehead oh you could just see my forehead so this is a jixian switch so jixian so I think we've seen that once or twice yeah we've seen that in a bunch of mechanical keyboards before so there's that and uh yeah so 10 kilos design really nice it's not like the 60 or really compact design that a lot of gamers want but I prefer like a 10 keyless any day um especially compared to like a full-size board so we're gonna go and plug it up and take a look at that rgb hopefully our laptop is still working at the moment it's red at the moment uh let's see if I can figure out so there's function and that's brightness so this is make someone run faster yeah okay so we're going to run this way is it really just the direction I think it is just red but it's different effects yeah so I mean that's that's okay I mean I don't know how much more rgb leds actually cost to be honest but going with this static red and getting mechanical switches I would live with that trade-off if I was looking to get a keyboard under $20 so we got that going for us but yeah so far looking pretty good let's do a typing test okay so felt like a blue switch keyboard honestly there was a keyboard I don't know it was a setup we did recently that the blue switch keyboard was like really bad this one's much better actually um I don't know if it's just the frame where it's actually like a hard plastic I don't know that's is that a metal kind of feels like metal jackson be the metal verifier okay yeah I think it's about it's like cold to the touch so I think it's some sort of metal um but yeah yes but the metal finish I think it's good I think this one's first place right now I mean it's a mechanical keyboard 120 bucks let's move it to first place

So next up we have the UHURU I can't even tell what this says but it's the umk 100 mechanical keyboard and it's rgb so we have some little fun notes mechanical switches compact 19 lighting effects and gaming software whatever that means and then I like already pre-read the keyboard is not hot swappable which is good to know but let's go ahead and see what we got here this one came like a really tall box oh this is what wow all right this one could move up I wonder what kind of switches we got probably I think they're all blues I like can you even get cheap red switches I don't know I think the blue switches are traditional here so it looks like we have a 65% give or take we have true arrow keys we have some of the like page up and deleting all that stuff so we got what we need we got the bare essentials but it looks pretty good we do not we do a flip up ooh multi-height flip up oh adjustable some points for that let's actually see I’m gonna open this wrist rest I mean why not I mean that's pretty cool for a keyboard like this it is because it's a nice wrist rest too it's very padded now the only downside is it's not like a magnetic one I almost felt like it had some gravitational pull but it is fitted it's actually like the right size it even has a little bit of like a dent out here where you'd be using wsd for gaming um once again not hot swap I don't really think any of these are going to be hot swap that habit one could have or the maggie one could have been it didn't come with the hot swap one yeah so it's not something we want to try now this is a huge bonus usbc and it's disconnectable so that reversal that is huge because a lot of people might want to use this cable for other things they might want to buy their own cable I mean you can actually get really cool artists and cables I don't know who would buy like a nice skill because the cable would cost more than the keyboard but blue switches and they don't they don't sound bad yeah I don't hear anything with like really bad stabilizers or anything so now let's just see what this looks like because if this looks good too I’m automatically calling this a first place this is also a jinx yeah jixian and not jinx jinx jinx jinx gotcha yeah so blue switch um let's go ahead and try to see if we can change modes this I mean it's very bright when you do this type of led but I don't think you're gonna be able to actually move I think they're just rgb or not rgb I mean yeah so this isn't the real like they have like an rgb ring on the box but I that that's not accurate okay we got lighting see I mean it doesn't look bad it's really bright I will say it's brighter than I think the true rgb one that we had at first but other than that I mean at least you got rgb it's better than just red I guess I mean I think you could probably actually I mean can you even get a solid color I wonder well I’m thinking with these keyboards they actually use like green leds and that's that's what I don't so maybe you might have to get a solid color so that's one kind of downside is if you don't want rgb you might just have to either turn the lighting off yeah because it has 19 yeah that's it that's it all right well let's do a typing test I mean I feel like it has to replace the other blue switch one because it at least has colors and it's smaller we do like I don't even have it in the right order right now I just realized it's not in the right order so we're gonna rearrange some stuff but I’m gonna say because I think if this one didn't come with a wrist rest it'd be it'd be a close like tie but I think the wrist dress adds to it the disattachable cable really adds to it so yeah I’m gonna say this one's in first the other the magigee is um second and then our membrane keyboard is in third let's go to the next one

So with these roundups there's always keyboards that disappear and uh when we play in this video this was a keyboard and mouse combo that was seventeen dollars and it's three in one it's a full mouse pad I didn't know that was with it either um but it was $17 uh but of course the link doesn't exist anymore so you might not be able to buy this one but at least I’ll show you guys what it looks like oh boy oh my god what is going on here whoa okay wait all right so um that was like a model oh model oh all right so we have not the pic okay hold up this is can we talk about look at the back it literally shows a full extended oh my god it shows an rgb mouse Matty oh my god this is a scam uh what xinming all right there's that I mean it looks cool I give him props um we have a mouse which is a faux lightweight mouse called the diodge diodge g11 rgb gaming mouse this weird like green branding I was not expecting this from diodge which is not the same brand and it's mechanical this is a mechanical keyboard at least it's a diogo diogo this is diego everybody let's go all right so we have like this blue metallic background background anodized is is that a hair someone's hair okay that's fun um and uh yeah this is full size so if you want a full-size keyboard you got that and of course those things are clicky let's see are we looking with the oh we got a box switch and it is I can't even read that I still can't even read it I’m going to say it's a a blue switch it's a it's it's it's a jixian I don't think it's jixian it starts with like an r so I have no idea what that means raw it's the rar switch um but uh yeah we got this whole setup man $17 that's pretty good even rivals this is our next full setup right here this rivals the booga setup I mean booga is out here charging what like I think it was almost ten dollars for the keyboard like seven for the mouse I think it's a bargain let's just plug everything up I know this is technically I mean if you want to call this cheating call it cheating but like if you get extra stuff with a keyboard for the price you pay for a keyboard I think it's cool and of course static rgb I didn't expect anything different um so do function and maybe delete okay yeah you're never gonna get back so there's that I mean again the same like individual leds static layer right there so we got that I didn't look at the feet up there slip out feet oh yeah zach's gonna get so excited and then uh yeah anti-slip pads which are pretty solid so that's that so let's go and plug up the mouse and then we'll dive into the typing test the value is there uh well look at why is this rgb actually it's on rgb it's moving yeah okay so why is this rgb but this isn't I don't know what a combo at what cost would I do this all right so let's say you're playing fortnite and you have this first of all disappointed it's not extended in rgb but I mean it's not that bad let's just go and do a typing test I’m trying to find my words here the switches feel tighter which is a word that's why I was like trying to find a better word but they feel more I don't know you just you just gotta touch it but like it just feels a little bit more firm switches for sure yeah sure um but I like it I think it's good and you get a whole freaking combo so I mean this has to be first but I feel like has to be like a first with an asterisk you know like there's a chance it's usually performance enhancing first without the keyboard and mouse that is fair so yeah without the keyboard it wouldn't be first of the mouse in the mouse without the keyboard it definitely wouldn't be first um so we'll put first um pending review for performance-enhancing drugs all right okay

So next up we have the Snpurdiri the Snpurdiri I feel like I can't say that I don't even know but anyways so we have black rgb and it's actually hand checked so we do have some other options back there if you guys want to take a look at those but this is the k68 and is a 68 key rgb lighted gaming keyboard and it says it has a built-in steel plate it says it's rgb with the full it's the same thing as a last million but I do not believe it's 16.8 million colors and this one I don't think is mechanical because it has a suspended switch thing I think this one's very similar to the first one yeah I’m definitely getting first one vibes you guys remember that it could literally be the first one which is different it could be that we actually might have gone back in time macalester might have used the wrong clip and this is the first one they gave us an extra suspended key oh wow how nice look at that it's an escapee so cute yeah so we got a little instruction manual it comes in some plastic of course it is just a fixed cable and yeah here it is it looks very much does look very similar even types pretty similar it feels pretty similar there's like some weird like is this from like no it's just discoloration like look they're in there it's like discolored keys interesting uh but we do have some flip out feet the first one did not have that so no upgrades yeah one thing that's going for it it's going to pop this off yeah it's very similar style to the first one for sure it could even be made by the same company so wouldn't be surprised there and now it has added points because it looks cool but let's go ahead and get it plugged in definitely feels cheap just like the first one oh yeah that rgb is there just like the first one we got some real rgb you can just tell by how the same spot will be different colors I think you can tell it's fake rgb even if it's moving like a wave it doesn't mean you got real rgb focus on one spot and notice right here just like this this is all changing to different colors of the spectrum so here we go I think it's cool I think that with the white back plate that really helps yeah it's definitely better making it bright all right let's type test oh my god what a squeaky key okay so we might have just gotten one that was just a little unlucky but space bar every so often definitely has that audible squeal to it but yeah anyways so yeah it reminds me just of the first one I’m almost gonna say that the first one was me no the first one was the loud enter yes okay this is actually better I think I can deal with the squeal better than that radically entering so this one like fourth place then the rgb kind of saves it a little bit it does it does let's cause we've got three mechanical keyboards up front I guess this one won't be like fourth fifth yeah basically so all right let's go and get them all back on the table talk about them and go from there

All right guys we got the keyboards rated and we are going from first to worst and honestly none of these for under $20 were a bad price in my opinion I think they all definitely served their purpose they all had really good lighting normally we get like one or two keyboards that it has no lighting even like the 30 and 40 roundups the only one that wasn't true rgb was this guy right here but it was mechanical and we did have three mechanical three of the fives that's a pretty pretty good track record for us now I will say this first place one is a weird one because it is no longer for sale at the normal price it doesn't come with the mouse and the mouse pad extra and it's more expensive so really this one's kind of first yeah this one's first this one got disqualified for doing bad things so if you want to buy any of the keyboards from today's roundup links down below will be affiliate links that will help us out let us know if there's any other roundups you want to see here on the channel linda let us know what budget you want to see next for the next keyboard roundup so as always we hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you did check out our other two youtube channels and also our slash toasty bros and do not forget to like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys the next one goodbye.


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