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5 Tools Under $20 You'll Use On Every Metal Project

From channel MECH MASTER

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Here's a list of my five tools under 20 dollars that I use on every project check out the description below for links to all of these tools.

Whelpers or wire cutters they help out a lot from not only just cleaning out your nozzle to taking on and off tips and nozzles but also to cut the wire and to clean out the nozzles as well it may kind of be a cheater one because I’m only counting it as one tool and in reality it says it's a six in one but come on let's be honest the last one it's a hammer I don't really use it as a hammer one thing that they don't mention is this is actually a perfect stick out gauge so if you you know you want run some wire or you've got some extra going through if you want to go cut it well just put the nozzle flush with that point cut it and that is a perfect depth for you to start off welding these definitely come in handy and I’ve always got a couple of them on hand.

You can never have enough knives right well if you watch my last video with Tim Welds you'll know that I actually like to score or mark my metal with a razor blade it actually gives you a very nice definite line to go off of uh a lot thinner than a sharpie or even kind of soapstone would and I mean really like I said it's a knife you're always opening stuff needing to get into things so this is kind of a multi-tool as well now in conjunction with the knife I’m going to throw out my third item which is the framing square yes a framing square used for metal working it's actually really good and ingenious because of the ledge that it has up on top that allows you to hook your metal and then you know you've got a nice perfect 90 or 45 degree measurement to go off of and of course it is a nice 90 to measure things after the fact just to make sure everything is nice and square.

Angle grinders okay well I’ve got a bunch and that's because I don't like changing out the attachment every time I have to switch tooling so I have a minimum of four on hand and I’ll tell you what I have hooked up to each one before I get into that believe it or not I still have my very first harbor freight orange case angle grinder that still works today uh and so you know I switch heads it doesn't matter which one you do but I will say that if you are grinding a lot this one will get used the most so uh typically I don't use angle grinders that much to cut metal anymore and that's just because it's a lot easier with a bandsaw or you know a chop saw but there's always the occasional little rod or something to be cut and it is really easy to grab an angle grinder and cut it up so I always have one with a cut off wheel attached to it one with a grinder wheel one with a flap disc flapper disc and one with a wire wheel at only about 15 bucks a pop it really is worth just grabbing a bunch of them and then you saves that much time switching out the attachments.

Magnets these things are awesome you can never have enough of them and they help you out to so that you can get your fit up just right so you can tack your welds in place take off the magnets and then you can go down and do full welds uh most of them have a little cut corner and that kind of allows you to be able to get in there and get a tack in on that corner if you wanted to they also have a nice 90 or 45 degree angle for if you were on the inside and for the larger ones they kind of have this little arrow shape and that is so then you can get hooked up in outside corner as well and if you really want it in there good well stack it up twice leave a comment let me know what tools you always grab for your projects that's all for this one thanks for watching we'll see you next time.


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