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51 Cool And Useful Home Gadgets Under $20 You Should Check Out

From channel AMR

AMR is a cool little channel that compiles tiktoks of Amazon products. They recently posted a video of 51 home gadgets under $20 and so we decided that would be a perfect video to feature on our blog. We also have all the links provided below if you see something you like. Check them out!

ITEM LINKS - All are Amazon Affiliated and under $20 at time of posting

Under Sink Mat -

Rechargeable AA Batteries -

Pet Hair Remover -

Backup Emergency Light -

Garbage Can Lock -

Automatic Dispenser -

Outlet Extender -

The Pink Stuff -

Refrigerator Deodorizer -

Bread Bag Clips -

Remote Controller Case -

Outlet Shelf -

Reusable Twist Ties -

Collapsible Party Tray -

UV Light Curing Glue -

Safety Cutter -

Reading Lights -

Flip-It! Bottle Kit -

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner -

Remote Control Outlet Plug -

Silicone Chair Leg Protectors -

Indoor Accent Lights -

Amagle Wireless Closet Light -

Lutron Plug-In Dimmer -

Star Spangled 5Pack Tap Light -

Mini LED Night Light -

Terro Trash Can Insect Killer -

Terro Ant and Roach Stations -

Snug Plug Loose Outlet Fix -

Vansky Activated Bed Light -

Cable Spring Holder -

Allstar Spice Organizer Spinner -

Bottle Cleaning Brush - out of stock

Kitchen Sliding Caddy -

MaximalPower Rechargeable Li-ion 9V Battery -

Cord Organizer - (caution: low ratings)

Silicone Oven Rack Guards -

Remote Control Holder -

Cable Wire Clips -

Kitchen Utensil Holder - (caution: low ratings)

Pan Lid Organizer - (caution: low ratings)

Cabinet Organizer -

Flexisnake Sink Snake Cleaner -

Automatic Sensor Door Closer -

InstaMorph Reusable Moldable Plastic -

Kassa Dry Erase Board Sticker -

Shower Phone Holder - (caution: low ratings)

Drain Protector - (caution: low ratings)

Cozy Essential Vacuum Storage Bags -

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


Amazon home hacks

Protect your cabinets from spills and leaks with this machine washable liner the top layer is made of an ultra absorbent felt fabric and the bottom layer is waterproof for maximum protection

These batteries have a usb built in to easily recharge and reuse saving you money

This gadget easily lifts pet hair dirt and debris from your carpet rugs blankets and car mats and the unique design allows you to get into every nook and corner of your home

Keep the ends of your rug from curling with this reusable double-sided rug tape the gel-like consistency prevents any residue from getting on your floor orb

I’ve always wanted to put a lamp here but there's no electrical socket so I found this cap that acts as an outlet for any lamp or light fixture you own simply place the cap into your plug for your light fixture to work this set also comes with a power cap that allows your light bulbs to work in the event of a power outage this set is under 20 and perfect for all home situations ranging from home decor to emergency

Keep wind and wildlife out of your trash can with this lid latch that works on all outdoor trash cans nothing is getting in or out with this gadget

Almost any bottle into a touchless dispenser with this universal pump the motion sensor has three adjustable settings to change the amount of liquid dispensed out and I love that it works with different types of soaps and sanitizers the dispenser is waterproof and comes with five gaskets to fit most bottle types

This mini outlet extender with side access it makes it super easy to plug in your items and doesn't damage the cord

This eight dollar vegan miracle cleaning paste is tough on dirt and grime but safe to use just about anywhere inside or outside your home the formula is non-toxic and it made my stove top spotless in less than three minutes

And this gadget keeps your refrigerator or freezer smelling fresh for up to 30 days just add baking soda and place in your twisty tie grab these reusable bread bag clips that also double as chip clips and never lose your remote again with this remote cover that glows in the dark

It's an outlet shelf that takes less than two minutes to fully assemble it's great for phones smart home devices or wireless speakers your cords run through the bottom of it and pull up to the top and if you have longer cords you can also store them in the secret stash which is a built-in cable storage we use them for magnetizing postcards to our fridge organizing our cables having a good way to store our keys and closing off open bags of food

This party tray expands open into three tiers you can then store a ton of sandwiches muffins fruits or other appetizers on it it's perfect for holiday dinners family barbecues or get togethers with your friends it collapses completely flat taking up minimal storage

UV light curing glue from amazon and it does what super glue cannot I tested it first on a mug with a broken handle I applied a small layer of the glue pushed on the handle and held the UV light on for about 15 seconds after I can fully shake or twist the mug and that handle is going nowhere we also tried it on broken sunglasses and it fixed it just as easily

It's a micro ceramic blade that keeps your fingers safe while using it it's also ambidextrous unlike scissors and is magnetic would you buy this product

Amazon home find these sconces can be placed anywhere in your home and turns into a portable rechargeable flashlight it gives you up to 15 hours of light in case of an emergency with a single charge there are three different brightness settings and a cool or warm tone option it also rotates 360 degrees and is rental friendly with no wiring required if you have hardwood floors then you know the struggle of keeping your area rugs and runners in one place now you can securely fasten them down with this double-sided carpet tape it's super easy to use simply remove the adhesive strip on the back and front and lay your rug down pressing firmly for 30 seconds your rugs will no longer shift around when walked on and the tape also works great for layering rugs and can secure down rugs that have curled corners and if you ever decide to move the rug the adhesive won't leave any residue on your hardwood floors when removed

This lipid bottle emptying cap kit is the perfect solution to get every last drop of product once your product starts running low just remove the bottle's original cap or pump and replace it with the flip it lid now your bottle will be stored upside down making it super easy to dispense

This device makes cleaning your microwave so much easier and cuts the time in half you simply add water and vinegar to the device place it in the microwave for seven minutes and the device will begin to steam loosening up all of that built up crud and splatters in your microwave so that you can easily wipe it up

This gadget will turn any lamp or home appliance that's plugged into an outlet into a rental friendly light switch with no wiring required you simply plug into the outlet peel and stick and you have a light switch or a removable remote to turn on your devices from anywhere in your home

If your bar stools or dining chairs are scratching up your floors try these little silicone leg protectors they have a felt bottom and just slide onto the bottom of the leg chair come in different sizes and make the movement really smooth and next are these wireless adjustable spot lights these are cool to just add some extra lighting effects to your house you can add them to the base of your plants or any other area of your home you're wanting to highlight it comes with a remote so you can turn on and off dim them set them on a timer and just creates a nice effect

These are magnetic door sensors you can put on the inside of cupboards or drawers and they automatically turn on when the cupboard is opened and then shut off when you close the door they come with these little adhesive strips that you stick on the back of the light and then you place it wherever you think the best spot is in your cupboard but you do want to make sure that it lines up perfectly with the magnetic sensor that you place on the inside of the door or the top of your drawer they come in a pack of four

Little cord turns any of your lamps into dimmable lights you just plug the lamp cord into this one and then it has an adjustable slider that you can adjust and make it as dim or as bright as you want it works for floor lamps entryway table lamps your nightstand and it doesn't require any sort of special

If you have a bin full of flies this garbage guard will knock them out and prevent infestation for up to four months just stick the adhesive to the back mount it to the lid of the trash can and you're all set. If you're starting to see ants in your home then you need these liquid ant baits snap off the tab and place them near baseboards corners or countertops. This tiny plug is the perfect fix for loose outlets and will keep your plugs and chargers nice and snug. This motion activated light automatically turns on in the dark when you get out of bed so you can safely get to your destination. This gadget has a spring loaded designed to secure different thickness cords like charging cables power cords hdmi cables and makes them accessible when you need them it comes in a pack of five leaves no residue and a great way to organize your desk or nightstand. This spice spinner has a d-shaped design that can hold up to 40 spices has two levels four height settings and the dual spin feature gives you easy access to all your spices and this brush suctions to the side of your sink and lets you clean the inside and outside of glasses bungs and mason jars making washing dishes so much funner. Tired of dragging kitchen appliances across your counters then this gadget might come in handy just place it towards the back of your counter set your appliance and you can easily slide it out when you need it and back when you're done.

These nine volt batteries you can easily recharge via usb this adhesive cord organizer to keep your appliances tidy these oven guards that protect against accidental burst knob cover that prevents appliances from getting turned on this special hook for your tv remotes these little adhesive clips for cable management this versatile hook for your tools this easy to install lid holder this thing that gives you more storage is your sink behaving like this most people think you can just pour some stuff down it and it'll be fine but there's an important step before that they sell these things that you shove into your drain that help you pull up the nasty first your family always leave the shower like this this thing attaches to any surface just attach the wire to the first curtain hoop and now your shower closes by itself through non-toxic plastic pellets that can be morphed into anything just soak them in hot water create whatever you want and if you choose to you can start all over again transparent vinyl sticker lets you turn just about any surface into a fully functional whiteboard you miss your phone when you're in the shower this waterproof phone mount lets you control your music and watch movies while you wash away your scent this thing protects your kitchen or shower drains from getting clogged it suctions into place but you can also easily remove it if you need to this vacuum bag is amazing it lets you take a lot of clothing and really shrink it down so you can store it away.


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