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6 Items Under $20 For Halloween 2022 You Should Check Out

It's getting to that time of year. Fall is starting to set in and you know what that means. yup holiday season is coming up, with the first holiday on docket being Halloween. Whether you plan to have a party or just want to decorate because you are feeling festive, here are 6 items under $20 that would fit right into the Halloween theme.

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1. Darware Skull Mason Jar Jugs with Reusable Straws

Skull shaped jar jugs for halloween drinks

Whatever strange brew you plan on making for your halloween party you for sure will want a creative way to drink it. That's where these skull jar jugs come into play. They work great for both kids and adults. You can get a set of 4 on Amazon for $19.99 and it has a 4.6 star score on over 350 ratings.

2. Ivenf Indoor 3D Bats Wall Sticking Decoration

Indoor bat stickers for decoration

If you aren't looking to go too hardcore in decorating your house, these 3d bat stickers might be the way to go. They are simple and easy to use and with 100 pieces in the package they can be spread out around your house. It's a great way to decorate if you are looking to keep things simple. You can get a set of 100 for only $8.99 and they have a 4.7 star score on over 1000 ratings.

3. OTOTO Agatha Witch Spoon Holder for Stove Top

witch spoon holder for stove top

It's really cool when a decoration can be practical as well. This Agatha spoon holder is great for keeping your spoon out of the pot and keeping your stuff from boiling over. The witch sitting on the wooden spoon fits perfectly with the broom riding motif. It might seem a bit odd using it out of season, that said it's great to have a product that you can use all year round and not just have it for halloween alone. You can get one on Amazon for $18.95 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 6000 ratings.

4. Pop Art Retro Vintage Hollywood Frankenstein Poster

What's cool about this poster is that it's multipurpose. It fits the Halloween motif if you are having a party and at the same time is a genuinely cool piece of art that you can have on display 24/7. A great addition for anyone who loves the classic monster movies of old. This pop art style using Frankenstein is a cool looking poster and would be a good addition to any wall decor. Grab it on Amazon for $12.95 with a 4.8 star score on over 140 ratings.

5. Blue Ghost Neon Signs

ghost neon light

If you want to go for a decoration that has a bit of a smoother feel then going with neon light is always a good bet. Great for when it gets dark and you are looking to fill the room with some mood lighting. The lights come in ghost shape or in bat shape. They are on Amazon for $9.99 each and also have a 4.5 star score on over 60 ratings.

6. The Hocus Pocus Spell Book Hardcover

the hocus pocus spell book

If you love Halloween then I think it goes without explaining that the movie Hocus Pocus is an absolute staple. The movie has gained quite a cult following over the years especially during Halloween time. Well there is a book that is chock full of stuff about the movie and would make for a great coffee table book. You can get the hardcover for $10.98 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 70 ratings.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article.


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