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Best Budget Earbuds in (2022) to Buy: UNDER $20! (MIC TEST INCLUDED)

From channel C BUTLER.


What's going on guys so the first pair of earbuds we're going to be taking a look at under 20 are the Letsfit T13 earbuds and I’ve had these earbuds for about a little over a year now and these are going to be really solid for bass and listening to music and basically you're going to get really good clear phone calls and the case is going to be made of this material that some people might consider cheap but it has that laser engraved uh outer port region on here which kind of gives it a nice looking premium look to it and overall you do have a nice solid you know case here it does have some decent size to fit inside of your pocket or a pair of jeans or a small bag right they what's going on guys so these are the let's get um it's actually the generic headphones but they're branded let's kick the model that you're going to see down below these identical copies just get a different strand so let me know how the microphone sounds so let me know how the microphone sounded in that test right there for the t13 let's fit earbuds and I’ll make sure I leave the cheapest link down below but the overall the design form factor was pretty good five hours max of battery life 15 hours with the charging case ip x5 you do get touch buttons but they're not going to give you volume controls right

So the next pair of earbuds we're going to be taking a look at is the the geeky g750s are going to be a really solid and small designed earbud and these are going to be $19 as well and they're going to have a really small case so this is going to be the smallest case on the list and I’m naming all of these in no particular order right but these do have ipx 7 and they're going to give you a really good amount of bass punchy bass on these guys led lights outside of the case but um we're also going to do a mic test with these magnets are pretty strong as well the mic test for all of these guys but very small in the pocket and very fast charging um on here you get about 10 minutes to charge you get one hour so I definitely like that part about it type c for the charging as well um touch controls you don't get volume controls on here but you can change the tracks um double tap to actually get to the last call and things of that nature hey what's going on guys so these are the microphones that make youtube uh headphones so let me know how the microphone sound right now it's raining out right now so you might hear backgrounds from the microphone now these are going to offer a stable connection like I said really punchy base as well um comfort fit compact design type c for charging um you know you can get your google assistant things of that nature stereo mode or mono mode like I said mics are really good on here as well

Now we're gonna be moving into the next pair of earbuds which is the haylou gt7s and these are water resistant they also do have um you know two bluetooth 5.2 technology these will pack uh you know really clear ai clear call technology on here really really nice stem design when it comes to the bulbs you you're gonna it's gonna have that bulb like the air pods and you're gonna get 15 hours additional charge with the five hours that you get of play time on these guys as well and you know they're gonna be really comfortable no volume controls but you can control the songs forward and back as well and these are gonna be um really really comfortable in the ear to wear for pretty much a long time um you know I definitely like the compact fit of these in your ear and they do never really fall out or move because of the shape and so I definitely think these are going to be a solid earbud for twenty dollars and I’ll make sure I leave the cheapest link down below with the 7.2 millimeter diaphragm speaker these are going to offer a really solid base in mid-range and treble as well so you can listen to drill trap r b hip hop and rock and roll and you're gonna have no issues with these like I mentioned so I definitely would recommend these overall for the overall ease of use you get stereo mode mono mode for the earbuds so you can listen to them one at a time and you can see the design of the case is like really sleek in the hand and really small really nice form factor as well so I’m gonna test out the mics but let me know what you guys think about the haylou gt7s and so like I said before 24 hours all together with the case and the earbuds and this is the snowy white color but let's just listen to the microphones real quick what's going on guys so this is the microphones on the halo uh gt-7 on the microphone just it's raining really hard out right now so you could probably get a [inaudible].

We're just going to jump right into is the skullcandy dimes and these are the gray color and these do come in like black red green pink gray and green and a whole lot more and these will give you about 12 hours all together with the battery life on these but I really like the clip closed case which will if they just fall on the ground it'll be really hard for them to fall out of the case but it has that open style case and really fast auto connection and ipx4 water resistancy and you're gonna be getting the synchronized calling or the solo calling as well with these earbuds as well as volume controls so I really do like the fact that they do have that as well as the google assistant so really decent mics and I’m gonna let you guys hear how the mic sound on the skullcandy dime right now so you can check it out and let me know what you think down below in the comment section but if you're still here just say I’m still here okay guys so this is the uh these are the dimes the dime the skull candy dime microphones so let me know how the microphone sounds right now from these guys right now um from the skullcandy dimes but just let me know in the comments section down below leave a comment and say I’m still here if you're still rocking with me but overall I did really like the skull candy dime because the snug fit button controls for the volume and forward back google assistant and these will have a really nice small form factor with the ear tips included so you will get that passive noise cancellation as well as a really nice magnet and clip closed case with the little carrying loop for your own convenience and like I said before uh these are $19 as well with the discount code

The earbuds that I want to talk about right now is the soudpeats free2 classics and these are bluetooth 5.1 with 30 hours play time overall but you get about eight hours on a single charge and you do get mono and you know synchronized calling on here as well guys so this is the microphones on the uh soundpeats free2 classic so let me know how the microphone sound right now it's kind of raining out so you might hear rain or like birds chirping now let me know what you thought about the microphones but these are also going to be $19.95 and they're going to be ipx5 rated so they get the single or the twin connection and you know really solid earbuds feel real comfortable with the laser engraved case and the overall bulb shape just feels really good with the sleek design and really good touch controls with the volume controls on there as well

But let me know what you guys think about these top five earbuds under twenty dollars and I’m gonna get right back with you I’ll check you guys out in the comment section later group peace

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