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Best Google Pixel 6a Phone Cases Under $20

From channel TECHODYSSEY.

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Caseology Parallax:

Spigen Thin Fit:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid:

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All right you got a brand new pixel six on the way you pre-ordered it or you already bought it and it's here you need a good case well that's what I’m gonna answer for you in this video because I have three cases right here that I think are excellent options for you to choose for your phone that are all under 20 bucks and actually work really well they're reputable and they will do you really good for your phone so we're going to dive and take a look at these as always links are down in the description if you want to directly link and go to them but now let's take a look at these cases I got two from Spigen one from Caseology I think you're going to like what you see so let's check it out

first things first I want to look at the Caseology Parallax this is a classic this is a favorite of mine I’ve been using this for a long time I tested it and debuted it with the pixel 6 before a good option it's $16.99 comes in a couple of different colors you can get it in sage green or you can get it in midnight blue or matte black and right now on amazon they've got a five percent coupon which is pretty good it might not be available later but it is right now as I’m making this video so let's go ahead and put the case on the phone it's nice and protective and you can see it's got these nice protective edges all the way around so if you take your phone you place it down on a flat surface it's going to keep the screen from making contact with the surface and scratching it up now I definitely recommend a screen protector the one that I’m going to put on my phone is from these guys right here and this is a am film these guys make good stuff I’ve been using them for a long time the last couple of years solid option link in the description for that as well but that's what I’ll be using so you've got a recess cut out here for the camera that means this is protected as well this is arguably the screen in this are the most important things on the phone you want to protect if you place your phone down on a flat surface nothing's going to come into contact with that so you should be good there that'll protect the camera good opening down on the bottom you've got an opening for the usb-c charging port down here the only problem you can see is kind of narrow so if you were to try and plug in anything other than let's say a charging cable you're gonna have a hard time putting like a usb adapter or something so that's fairly common with cases nothing has changed here over on the side we've got nice buttons they are a little firm but they're not too hard to push they should break in nicely they've got nice tactile feedback when you push on them now one thing you don't need to worry about is wireless charging because this phone doesn't have wireless charging so you don't need to worry about wireless charging support nice texture on the back here to help you hold on to it and it's even got this kind of textured area on the sides here so great to hold on to looks nice three different colors to choose from won't break the bank that's the first one Caseology parallax and here's again what the box looks like if you're curious so that's a good one

All right moving on to the next one we have the Spigen thin fit now this only comes in black so if you want other colors you're going to be up a creek with this one but this is a solid case $14.99 which is a good price and you can get it on amazon right now five percent off as well which is a good deal again I can't verify that's going to be available later but it is right now so got a smooth texture on the back here smooth sides something nice and thin and protective if you don't want a bulky case the parallax a little bit more on the bulky side this one is is more thin and if you've got a small thin form factor for a phone you might want something like this this one fits like a glove I really like the way this one fits it feels almost like a natural extension of the phone and that's nice now the only thing I worry about with this smooth texture is if it absorbs oils and and things like that if it might get more slick over time but it seems like it doesn't really pick up fingerprints so that's a nice quality you've got the recessed cutout protection there also for the cameras protects those then you've got the raised protection all the way around the screen and that's nice when you have a flat screen this is not a curved edge display you get these nice uniform raised edges all the way around it so again you place it down on a flat surface you're good to go again put a screen protector on it put a screen protector on it what do we say put a screen protector on it nice opening a little bit wider cutout here for the usb-c port on the bottom maybe you can use something a little better there also it's more shallow which makes it easier to use an adapter and there's no real texturing on this one but it has it's not an overly slippery texture on the phone case which I like it's something that you should be able to hold on to well and then the buttons on this one I think are superior I like the way this looks kind of the skeleton button look nice tactile feedback you can probably even hear the clickiness on the microphone there so another good option here I like this one a good option $14.99 spigen's been around the block for a long time I’ve been testing out their cases for what it feels like for forever they make good stuff

So last one here the ultra hybrid this one should be interesting this one comes in two different options it comes in the matte black and the clear I got the clear one because who doesn't like a clear case and I believe with the matte black one I think it it's just black or on the sides I don't think the whole thing's black I’m going to pull these off so we got this nice pristine never been touched by human hands clear case and hey there are some nice colors with the pixel 6a we're talking about sage chalk and then charcoal you want to have a nice case to show off your phone and this will allow you to do that and this one's got nice grip on it too this is not slippery at all and sometimes you get slippery cases and oh boy those it feels like they'll just fly out of your hand this is actually very very got a very rubberized texture I like this I think it's probably going to be a dust and dirt magnet which I think that's going to be the case but it is a clear case also they have a tendency to yellow over time you always get these manufacturers they say they're bigger they're better they'll last longer without turning yellow usually I just buy a new one every six to 12 months and if it does start to yellow you like the case buy it if you don't buy another one Spigens hold up pretty well $14.99 for this one again five percent coupon if you go to amazon right now link in the description solid case right here it's got plenty of protection and all three of these cases they should offer minimal protection they've kind of got away from the mil standard drop protection some of them still have it some of them still don't if you drop this from about four feet it should be okay especially you have a screen protector on it and that's the biggest thing these two the parallax and the ultra hybrid are much more protective than the thin fit and that's exactly what it is thin fit this one yes it offers minimal protection but it's also a very thin case so it's kind of like a give and take you want a thicker case gives you more protection you want a thinner one more streamlined lower profile than yes it does run more of a risk but I think with any three of these cases you'll be perfectly fine you got the recess cut out for the camera race protection for the screen everything that you need here you got of course the Spigen logo on the side there if you care about telling people you have a speaking case and the big thing here also the opening on the bottom it's a big bigger opening than we get on the that we get on the Caseology parallax not quite as thin as the thin case of course why because this is not a thin case but this one has a nice feel in the hand this may just be the best clear case that Spigen has ever made I kind of like this and it looks like it's got the micro dot texturing underneath there as well too so this should be a good option for you as well again this one comes in two options for $14.99

So that's it short quick to the point three good case options I think are fantastic for the pixel 6a all right so that's it for the video again we covered three different case options we've got the Spigen thin fit we've also got the ultra hybrid and the parallax from Caseology these are great options I’ve used them before on other phones under 20 dollars which is something I think is important you're looking at a budget series phone a 400 phone you don't want to go spend 40 50 60 dollars on a case you want something that'll work you want something that's nice and has has some flexibility to it some good options and of course if you get them right now they have them five to ten percent off depending on which one on amazon again the links are in the description if you want to go there and pick one up so hopefully this was helpful for you hopefully now you've got a good idea of some case options for your brand new pixel 6a that won't break the bank that won't break your phone give you some protection and let you go carry your phone and be nice and safe and that's what we want we want to buy a phone we want to take care of it make sure that it lasts for a long time because the pixel 6a is supported for up to five years I don't know if a case will last you for five years but if you can get a case for 15 16 bucks it'll last you for five years what that's a good deal right so that's all I’ve got if you have any questions or comments please go down to the comments section I’ll get back with you if you enjoyed the video if you found this helpful please hit the like and the subscribe button and little notification bell if you want updates when new videos come out and as always thanks for being here I appreciate you watching and I’ll see you guys next time.


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