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Can't Afford The $4000 4" Tungsten Cube? How About This .39" One For Under $20?

Want to own a piece of the periodic table? Try this small tungsten cube.

On an episode of Barstool Sports Stool Scenes, one of the staff members bought the 4" Tungsten cube off of Amazon. Now the fact that you have someone who invented that and is selling it is incredible on its own. Now add on the fact that it is $4000 and people are actually willing to pay that much to buy pretty much the world's most expensive paper weight. if you don't have $4000 laying around to splurge like that you do luckily have an alternative. There is a much smaller cube available. .39" to be exact. Made out of tungsten just like that other one. This one however is only $14.89. A much more reasonable cost. It also has a 4.6 star score on over 240 ratings. You can get it on Amazon and what's nice is the listing has other metal options if you don't want the tungsten.

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