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Can You Catch The Jenga Tower Before It Falls Over? The Answer Is Interesting...

If you've ever played Jenga you'll know the scenario. You've removed the block, you see the tower is starting to wobble and now you're thinking "am I allowed to try to catch and stabilize this tower?". Well yes and no. When you look at the official rules of Jenga there is something in it that can help you understand what you technically can and can't do.

There are two parts to the rules of Jenga that are key. First is that you can only touch the tower with one hand at any time. You can switch between either hand, you just can't have two hands touching at the same time. The other key part is that you only lose when any block of the tower touches the ground OTHER THAN THE BLOCK A PLAYER MOVES ON A TURN.

So why is this important? It's important because the block you remove is allowed to fall on the ground. This means if you are taking it out and notice that the tower is starting to move, it is well within your right to drop that block from your hand and free it up to stabilize the tower. Alternatively your other hand could touch the tower and stabilize it provided you have emptied your other hand of the block.

So in a weird way the answer to the original question of "can you catch a falling Jenga tower?" is yes. Provided that you do not have any other blocks in your hand and you are only using one hand to try and right the tower. Once the tower is stable, you can then always go back and get the block from the ground and place it on top. Now whether or not you would be able to save a falling tower is another matter entirely. While it is possible it is very difficult to do. That said if you can pull it off, it would make for an epic Jenga moment.

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