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Casekoo vs Torras Phone Cases: What Are They Key Differences? We Run A Quick Analysis

There is a good bet you already have a phone case on your iPhone 15 pro. However maybe you are already sick of it and want to get something new. Well if you do there are two cases we came across under $20 that we kinda like and think would make for a good blog post. We got one from Casekoo and one from Torras. They both look good, so let's run a quick analysis on both and them and see what insight we can glean.

First we have the Casekoo Shockproof Slim Cover for iPhone 15 Pro. Currently on Amazon for $19.99 for the frosted black color and it has a 4.6 star score on over 100,000 ratings.

CASEKOO Shockproof Slim Translucent Cover for iPhone 15 Pro - [Never Yellow] [10FT Drop Protection] - Matte Frosted Black Phone Case

Next we have the Torras Shockproof for iPhone 15 Pro case. Currently on Amazon for $17.99 for black and it has a 4.6 star score on over 8,500 ratings.

TORRAS Shockproof Designed for 15 Pro Case, 12FT Military Grade Drop Tested, Anti-Fingerprints Anti-Scratch Translucent Matte Back with Silicone Slim Protective Phone Case Guardian 2023, Black

Now as far as head to head comparison it's kind of interesting. Same score of 4.6 which is nice. The Torras for the same color is running a little bit cheaper. At the same time there are other options for the Casekoo that are cheaper as well it all just depends on the preference. The ratings are where things get interesting. Review Meta read almost 50% of the Casekoo ratings as suspect while it rated the Torras at 26% ratings suspect. So both listings have a little bit of a yellow flag. On the plus side, the scores stayed the same on both and they both still have a high amount of ratings in spite of the issues so we feel good about the scores overall.

As for traits the Casekoo is scoring well on many important traits like durability, fit, protection, and value. The only thing reading neutral is that the Casekoo clear cases may turn yellow after some time. For the Torras they also are seeing positive returns on traits like fit, quality, and comfort. Where they do have some neutral response is on the buttons and the slippage. Some customers have stated that the texture helps with the grip while others say it made it hard to hold. As for the buttons the main issue is while it's cool there are swappable buttons on the case, they can end up causing it to be a little loose.

Overall we don't see too much difference between the two. We don't think you would really go wrong with either option. That said if it's really important to you that the case stays in one piece and can be reliable held, the Casekoo would have the edge over the Torras. Other than that it looks like both cases do a good job.

If you are looking to see more options from Casekoo under $20 click here

If you are looking to see more options from Torras under $20 click here

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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