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Cool Products Under $20: The Ukulork Tumbler Ice Cube Mold

As if your tumbler didn't keep things cold enough. If you have wanted to get your drinks colder you probably have just had to throw in any old ice cubes into your tumbler. Well that was until this little invention came along. It's actually pretty in genius. The mold makes cube rings in three different sizes so that you can stack them into your tumbler. Also by using a ring design it does not block your straw which is nice.

You can currently get it on Amazon for $14.99 and it has a 4.3 star score on over 200 ratings. It's a relatively new product so it is still getting feedback from the market. From what we are seeing so far people do like the overall quality of the product. Where they are having a little bit of apprehension is in the ability to remove the cubes from the tray, some customers are finding it difficult. They are also finding the size of the rings may not fit in certain tumblers. Finally customers aren't huge fans of the lid. They are finding it doesn't really close that well and is more just a placeholder than anything else.

Ice Cube Tray for 30Oz-40Oz Tumbler, 3 Pcs Silicone Hollow Cylinder Ice Mold with Lid and Bin for Freezer, Ice Drink, Juice, Whiskey, Cocktail (Green, 40 Oz)

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