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Cool Stuff Under $20: Farmunion Guitar Player Metal Pen and Desk Organizer

Guitar player metal pen holder

We know that there usually is a stigma that musicians aren't exactly hard workers. That because they are more free spirits, there would be no reason for them to even have a desk in the first place to put their stuff. Now we don't necessarily disagree with that assessment. If you are playing music for a living there is a good bet the state of your desk is the least of your concerns. If on the other hand you are a desk jockey who has the spirit of a rock star stuck inside you, NOW you have something that fits. Nothing like being able to store your pens in a little organizer that shows off how much you love to play music. As a hobby of course, if it was more serious than that you probably wouldn't even be reading this right now. You can pick it up on Amazon for only $11.99 and it has a 4.7 star score on over 650 ratings.

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