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Cool Stuff Under $20: Hugo's Amazing Tape - The Tape That Only Sticks To Itself


The thing that makes tape work is also the thing that makes it annoying. The adhesive. Sometimes it sticks to things you don't want and removing it becomes a pain or leaves residue behind. That's where this amazing tape comes into play. If you are looking to hold something together you can wrap it up in the amazing tape and the tape will only stick to itself. That way you don't have to worry about the residue sticking to anything you don't want and having to deal with it. You can get it on Amazon for only $10.00 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 300 ratings.

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Hugo's Amazing Tape:

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Hi I’m Amy with superior threads and I want to talk about Hugo's amazing tape today um I love this I use it for a lot of different things but one of the things I use it for in my everyday life is my thread storage and it is a stretch wrap press tape it only sticks to itself and not your stuff so that's what I like about it especially using with my thread.

Comes in a half inch and a one inch let me pull this out a one inch wide roll and also a two inch wide roll so you don't really even have to guess what you need we it's just every size you can think of so what I do is I just grab let me grab a little one that doesn't have one on it most of these have one on there this is some of my silk threads silk is really slick um and it will come un undone and if you're like me I before I did this I would walk away from whatever I was making or near my thread and I would drag like three or four pieces of thread with me and they'd be unwinding as I walk away so I just get a little piece and I’m gonna cut it off if the camera moved that was my dog tripping over the camera tripod um bless his heart he's a little blind and a little deaf but he's wandering around down here um so I just make sure my threads wrapped up I take it I hold it and I want to stretch it just a little bit so I’m just pulling it tight stretch it well I just let go of it here we go stretch it and wrap it right on top of itself and it totally sticks and my thread's not going to come out of that it's going to keep it and when I’m ready to use this I just unwrap it use it I usually stick this latest next to me because you can reuse it over and over again after a long period of time I haven't had to replace mine yet but you will have to replace it eventually but it is multiple uses and I just stick it right back on .


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