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Cool Stuff Under $20: Need To Really Drive The Word "No" Home? Do It With This "Hell No" Button

The hell no button

Every now and then something kind of opportunity will come across you that is just not good. Like you already know this idea is not good and you don't need any kind of extra convincing. That said sometimes the person you are declining just doesn't quite seem to get it that you really mean no. Not that you are playing coy or hard to get. You really for sure mean no. Well if that's the case that's when you need to whip out this bad boy and really tell the other person that their idea is dead in the water. You hit the button and let it spell out clearly that your answer is not just a no, but a "hell no". This thing is probably one of the better buttons invented since the Staples Easy button. You can get it on Amazon for only $12.99 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 250 ratings.

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