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Cool Stuff Under $20: The Bamboo Book Stand By PipiShell


Granted we find ourselves in a digital age and the use of books may not be as common anymore. That said, as long as books are still around there will always be a use for a book stand. This bamboo book stand is super heavy duty and can adjust to 5 different heights. You can use it for reading, cooking, etc... Also if it's not a book you can still put an iPad or any other kind of tablet computer on there as well. You can get it on Amazon for only $17.99 and it has a 4.7 star score on over 14,000 reviews.

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The PipiShell Bamboo Book Stand:

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Hello everybody simple easy tutorial here back with another product review so today I’ll be reviewing this bamboo book stand it can be a cookbook holder a textbook holder a tablet holder a laptop holder magazine holder and anything else you can use with your imagination.

So let's open it up so if you like this video please be sure to like smash the like button and subscribe to the channel for more content like this and so this product has five adjustable heights and is foldable for easy storage and it also has these clips to hold pages down and the dimensions are about 13 and a half inches by nine and a half inches and they can also hold thick books which we will put to the test.

It's like unwrapping a Christmas present all right so there we go so there's the bamboo book stand and I must say it seems to be quite durable reminds me of a chopping block and so nice and sturdy and this part here folds out just like that so you can rest a book on it and then you also got these two pincers here wow these are quite quite uh tight here this one here and also this one here okay maybe I think with use they will kind of get a bit more loose and on the back here we have the stand at the back here so I think we have to maybe pull this up first pull this down so that you can set it down and this can be adjustable to five different heights so it can go higher it can go lower depending on what height you want your book to be at so this is the the highest one this one is almost at 90 degrees and then if we put it down this here this is more of like a 45 degree I would say okay so let's put this thing to the test.

So it says it can hold a book maybe up to like 1500 pages so we got this thick book here by Tony Robbins and so this book here is 600 something odd pages so 600 something pages and let's see if this will hold it easily okay so that's good and so if the pages are kind of flying out we can use these clippers here to keep the pages in so that's good it seems like the clippers are quite tight holding onto the book you can see that it actually pushes the page in a little bit but thankfully there are these rubber tips here that will should prevent any damage to the books and so the book seems to be doing okay right now so we're talking about a 600 page book so 300 pages on each side not a problem at all so if you want to put really thick books on this bookstand should be absolutely no problem.

So at first glance this product seems to be quite good and I seem to like it very much because I like to sometimes read a book when I’m using a computer or something and just having this to prop up the book that I have will make it so much easier rather than laying it flat on the desk so that's good so I like this product so far nice bamboo quality and I look forward to using this more okay so if you like this video please be sure to smash the like button and subscribe to the channel for more content like this thanks for watching I’ll see you the next video.


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