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Cool Stuff Under $20: The Coghlan Internal Cooler Light

This internal cooler light lets you see what's in the cooler when it's dark outside

As the weather gets warmer, people are going to start staying out later. The only downside to that is later means less light to work with once the sun goes down. Now usually that is not too big of a problem because you can get light from external lightning in your house. If on the other hand you are too poor for external lightning or if you are out on a camp ground somewhere, you are going to need some supplemental light to keep you going. That's where this thing can be of service. You attach it to the inside of your cooler and what happens is it turns on automatically when you open up the cooler. That's right no need to hit any switches or anything like that. Turns on when you open and turns off when you close the lid. Now you don't have to be fumbling around in the dark all the time to find your drink of choice. Actually see what you are grabbing. You can get this thing off Amazon for only $10.97 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 3000 ratings.

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