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Cool Stuff Under $20: The DynaTrap Discrete Outlet Trap For Insects


When you think of a fly trap you usually think of those big lamps that glow and buzz the flies as they get too close to the light. Usually those things are kept outside because they aren't exactly the best looking things and usually make a lot of noise. DynaTrap though has made a product that can help catch the flies or other pests that are on the inside of your house and it looks a lot better while doing it. This DOT or Discrete Outlet Trap emits a light that attracts the bugs and then they stick to the pad that is attached to the light. Allowing the bugs to be hidden from view and then you can replace the trap when you are ready. You can get one on Amazon for $8.99 and it has a 4.7 star score on over 130 ratings.

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The DynaTrap DOT StickTech Indoor Flying Insect Trap:

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This is Laurie and I'm at the National Hardware show here in Las Vegas and I'm in the I'm at the Dynatrap booth here and I have Dr. Karen, Dr. Karen you guys have a new product out again this year you got to share what this is.

It's the discrete outlet trap or the dot and what it is is a plug-in wall unit that attracts flying insects it one of the features is that it rotates so depending on the space that you have you can have it this way or you can have it in the regular orientation the best thing about it nice different colors that are available and then the bugs are hidden so you don't see what's on the back we also have different colored lights there's two UV wavelengths here to catch a wider range of insects. A higher wavelength at the top and a lower wavelength at the bottom.

That is fantastic Karen to find out more information or where can a person go to purchase one of these. you can find more information about them it's our new launch. That sounds fantastic thank you.


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