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Cool Stuff Under $20: The LumoLeaf No Spill Dog Water Feeder Bowl

From channel HOWTORV

Even though this video is specific to the RV community, we wanted to post it because it is a good review and does a good job of breaking down this water bowl that we feel is a great product to spotlight. When you have pets, you obviously need to get them water. You also don't want it to spill all over the place. That's why you have floating bowls like these. The effectively become splashless water bowls for dogs or any other pet that you may have. It's great to have a bowl that doesn't spill especially if you are a big time traveler. Less clean up in the long run. You can get one on Amazon for only $16.99 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 6500 ratings.

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LumoLeaf Dog Water Bowl:

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Hello everybody welcome back to imagine your odyssey and today I want to talk about something that you need for your RV that is not necessarily an accessory or a part for your RV what I want to talk about is water bowls water bowls for those furry friends that you bring along on your trips. Now why do I want to talk about water bowls from my experience we have a German shepherd and a dust shepherd and we used to have a regular old bowl and we fill it up full of water it would come in here and start slopping up water knocking the water all over the place we would have to put down a towel we have to mop up a bunch and take a chance of messing up the floor but we wanted to be able to stop that and how do we do that we ended up getting this.

This is a floating water bowl and what do I mean by floating water bowl on the inside of the water bowl it has this little that it's smooth this disc right here will float up and down inside of the water bowl as you fill it up full of water and this rim right here will keep that disc from coming out now what's cool about it is that as you fill it up full of water and the dog start drinking from it the disc floats around on the top of that water preventing it from to be able to splash out also if there's any movement in the camper or anything like that it'll also prevent it from coming out we actually took this bowl with us on a trip and we put it inside the truck and filled it up full of water even with all the bumps going down the road taking turns and things like that we did not have any water spill out of it and get inside the vehicle and being inside the camper when the dogs are drinking out of it no problems there either.

Now how did the dogs get the water out? Again they would come in and they would push on this center part and as they push the disc down the water would float up above it they get up the water they want and when they walk away the disc would come back to the top and prevent it from being able to spill now when you get the box for this it only comes with three parts it comes with the bowl itself it comes with a floating disc and it comes with this plastic brim now again it does an amazing job at preventing water from coming out now with us having two bigger dogs we do have to manage the water level inside of it more often because the dogs are bigger and they drink a lot of water but if you're somebody that has smaller dogs this thing will probably last a whole weekend even a week if your dogs are really small.

Now if you're interested in getting a bowl like this for yourself I'll leave a link down in the description below so that you can go find one for yourself also if you haven't subscribed to imagine your odyssey yet to get some more amazing videos please click the subscribe button down below click on the bell so you can get notified also give me a thumbs up so that YouTube knows that we're doing a good job and leave a few words down in the comments below and as always happy camping keep the water for those furry friends and god bless.


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