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Cool Stuff Under $20: The Oontz Angle Solo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

From channel LAWMANFJ

Bluetooth speakers are always a good gadget to keep your eye on when it comes to price. There are a ton of options out there and usually the better ones are more than $20. Every now and then though the pricier options take a dip under $20 and that is worth a look. The Oontz Angle Solo is usually $30, so we decided since it is going for $19.99 we wanted to make a post about it. We have no clue how long it's gonna stay this low, so you if you want it jump on it while you can. It also has some great feedback with a 4.6 star score on over 20,000 reviews.

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The Oontz Angle Solo Bluetooth Speaker:

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Hey what's up YouTube this is LawmanFJ gonna take a quick look at a Bluetooth speaker the Oontz angle solo now I've used the speaker before it was a little larger than this one and it sounded really really well this one was an Amazon hot sale 13 bucks normally 30 bucks alright so I jumped on it and got it one to see how to look and what it sounded like let's go and take a look.

Now as I said you can get this from Amazon is the Oontz Angle solo thing is how you pronounce that Bluetooth portable speaker compact size surprisingly loud with and with base one hundred foot wireless range right now it's Amazon bestseller this is what it looks like right there it's got that Oontz sound on the front it's got the Bluetooth of the passive radiator on the bottom it could stand up or lay flat.

Now right now it's $14.99 so normally it's $29, $30 so that's still a good price so I think you should jump on that if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker very durable these are going to withstand a lot of damage a lot of you know throwing around if you want to you can take it anywhere and it does have an IPS water waiting okay we'll talk about that later.

Okay so here's the box Oontz Angle Solo little bit of information not much on the outside cambridge sound works as a they make these Bluetooth wireless speaker so let's go ahead take this out of the box alright so you're gonna get your your user manual right here Quick Start Guide you don't need that right now here's the speaker this is very small the other one that I had was a little bit long maybe why that long right there but it sounded pretty good so you got the speaker right there and what else do you get in the box here just plastic inside here so then you get a lanyard that you can put on the speaker if you want that's pretty cool and then you got your your bluetooth micro USB charging wire right here alright let's get that out of the way so we can take a look at the speaker inside of the wrapper here.

Alright so you see you got your feet on the bottom so you got good stability and it's got a nice little weight to it so it's not gonna slide around anything like that now you have some control here this is a Bluetooth connector here you can see that you I'm sorry it's the charging port here so this is where you open this up when you put your charger in your headphone jack in there your headphone without 3.5 millimeter chord if you want to use that these are the controls right here volume volume down power play bluetooth right there and you got the speaker on the front alright so I'm gonna go ahead and charge us a little bit and then we'll we'll see we'll try see we can get some sound out of it.

So it paired up really easily when I turn it on the blue the blue light started flashing and paired up pretty easy and it has 70 percent battery right there on Oontz Angle Solo EF4 so before we play some sound one other thing I wanted to say I talked about the passive radiator and I thought that it didn't have one but this area right here is where the passive radiator is versus on the bottom so when you set it down like this the passive radiator come off the side and when you said it stand it up it's going to be on the bottom down there okay passive radiator and this is a 5 watt amp and it sounds pretty good I'm gonna play it for you in a minute very strong amplifier in this device right here okay let's go ahead and give it a shot with the sound let's put it in them use this power amp music player right here.

Now I have the volume that's pretty low so you can see well it's not even halfway but it sounds pretty good I'mma turn up about halfway to see the clarity with the bass when you pick it up you can feel it in your hand you can feel the bass thumping. That's halfway. That's a little more than halfway right there.

Let's play another song here one of my favorite to me now this amp sounds good like I said the passive radiator got the bass coming out there this is the front speaker right here my size driver you can see that sounds pretty good. That's less than half way with the volume no more than half way with the volume. Not sure how way you could hear that but it sounds really good so I would say $14 is a great a great piece of equipment just kind of it's gonna fill up the space that you're in unless you get even if you're outside to think it'll sound pretty loud I've used it outside before but this is pretty good very compact lightweight almost considered in palm of your hand right there so I which I would recommend this device right here.

Okay so that was a quick look at the Oontz Angle Solo speaker bluetooth speaker it works really well I recommend you get this it's now $14 used to be $30 so she's still getting for a good price I got it for less than that and so portable you can carry it around with you anywhere you go and get good sound great sound great connectivity easy to set up and everything you can also usually use a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack if you need that if you don't have a Bluetooth so it works well with that as well she got to get great sound in there too especially if you're using a something like the v40 with a good deck you gonna you gonna feel that alright so you got any questions hit me up in the comments it's like the video give a thumbs up and don't forget to hit the subscribe button down below for more videos like this this is LawmanFJ


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