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Cool Stuff Under $20: The Smart Funnel By Cumberland Concepts


If you are the kind of person that likes to buy things like liquid soap in bulk so that you can refill pump fixtures with it, then you probably have had to deal with the issue of getting the liquid from the bulk bottle to the smaller serve bottles. Now while that sounds easy it can be a little tricky sometimes to get all the liquid in without losing a lot of it on the sides and spilling it. That's where these guys come into play. AlaskaGranny does a good of job of demonstrating how these funnels work. You can get a 2 pack on Amazon for only $17.99 and it has a 4.7 star score on over 3900 ratings.

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Cumberland Concepts Smart Funnel 2-Pack:

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Hi it's AlaskaGranny i found the best funnel ever it is called smart funnel it has 2 kinds of clothespin clips on it one at the top and one at the bottom you place the funnel into a jar or container or a bottle and clip the smart funnel onto the container clip the other end onto another bottle container when you want to pour things it goes straight inside the lower bottle it will not tip over it will hold the bottle for slow dripping contents get the last get the last little bits and drips of liquids out of a container so you have no waste.

I like to keep lotion and soap in pump bottles so I can take the smart funnel and insert the funnel into the pump bottle container and clip the smart funnel onto the bottle then I can take the dish soap remove the lid and invert it over the funnel and clip the funnel onto the bottle to keep it from tipping or spilling or slipping out every little drop is going to come out none of the soap is going to get wasted it will all pour through the funnel and into the pump dispenser.

I don't have to clip the funnel to a bottle if I want more I can swing the smart funnel clip out of the way and I have a regular funnel then I can open whatever I want to pour in and pour it in down the funnel and it goes into the container without spilling it is held in place. I don't have to worry about spilling or leaking or falling out smart funnel works great if you ever have creams or lotions that are so thick you have to shake and shake just to get them to come out smart funnel works great because you can clip the funnel to the lotion bottle with the bottle closed the way smart funnel is designed it will hold the bottle upside down so the lotion can flow to the end for ease of dispensing. I can then get the lotion to flow out when I open the lid the way it is designed you can store the bottle upside down with smart funnel the lotion bottle is standing on its head a not falling over when you want to get the lotion out you unclip the bottle from the smart funnel.

This is the greatest funnel I own you can use it 3 different ways. If you are looking for a funnel that is fun and easy to use look for the Smart Funnel by Cumberland Concepts it is a brilliant design I bought it at Walmart for only a few dollars it is also available on Amazon it has a bar that goes through it to hold it all together it has steel springs on the clothespins it is sturdy dishwasher safe you can use it over and over. Know that if you want to use it for chemicals and also want to use it for food make sure you buy 2 of them never use the same funnel for food and chemicals because you would never want to contaminate your food put smart funnel in the dishwasher it works great sturdy and handy look for the Smart Funnel please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel


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