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Cool Stuff Under $20: The Zulay Milk Frother


If you find that inflation is making your trips to Starbucks hurt your wallet more than the love you have for you favorite drink, it might be time to consider making your own brew. Now obviously we can hear some of you saying already that it's too hard to get the milk nice and frothy for the kind of fancy drinks that you get. Well no worries, this milk frother from Zulay can get your milk or half and half frothed up the way you like it so you can add it to your coffee drinks. Even if you aren't using it for coffee you can use it for other things like whipped cream for desert. You can get one on Amazon for only $10.97 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 25,000 ratings.

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Zulay Milk Frother:

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Here's your Zulay kitchen milk frother and I'm going to give you a demonstration of how to handle the batteries and putting them in first so here's a little battery compartment you clip that down pops out now before you put the batteries and make sure that you take out this little cloth tab otherwise it will be very hard to change the batteries when you need to do that all right so the tab the little sticky out thing goes at the top first okay and then the other little sticky out anything you put that one at the bottom like that okay and then you see that tab is right there and then you clip it back in like this alright so now your I've found the best way to hold it is like this because it's easy for my thumb and there's this little groove right here for my index finger so there you go all right so we're gonna froth half and half and I'm gonna show you how much I'm starting with okay so there's there's the little half and half right there it's really about right there in the cup alright so what we usually do is we go up and down first okay this is not an exact science but I'm just telling you what I usually do I go up and down and then go front side and then a little bit of more side action like that and then you know I go up and down a little bit more you know it's really like however frothy you want it to be if you want it to be Super Duper frothy also you can go at the top like this you can see it little frost a little bit more at the top so then I go a little bit around circles and up and down see that super foamy here so anyways you can keep going on and on and on but I would say this is a really good foam froth here and I'll show you where it got to in the cup got all the way up to here see so we started about down here to way up to here with this rocker and it's really easy to clean to just run it under the running water and you you turn it on and then it basically cleans it out really easily.


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