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Cool Stuff Under $20: This Coaster Makes It Look Like Your Coffee Mug Has Crushed Someone

Guitar player metal pen holder

There are many different kinda of coasters. All of which say something about you whether they reference a certain hobby you are in or maybe a tv show or movie genre you really like. When it comes to coasters that bring out humor, few can compete with this thing. I mean look at it, it's hilarious. The poor guy looks like he's crushed under the weight of your mug. Oh well c'est la vie, it's a small price for providing said mug with the ability to sit on a surface without ruining it. Can't promise you that people who see you use this thing won't think you are a little bit crazy. Then again we have always said that's a good thing. Always have the people in your circle questioning themselves about how far they can go with you. Then use that power to crush them! Sorry was going off on a Robert Greene tangent. You can get the coaster for only $12.75 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 200 ratings.

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