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Da Bomb Evolution vs Beyond Insanity: Using Chat GPT and Amazon to Compare

Things on our blog are about to get spicy. We're taking a look at two hot sauces by the same brand. Da Bomb has two hot sauces that people seem to be talking about. Beyond Insanity and Evolution. Does is matter which one you get? Is one better than another? Let's try to see what we can kind out about the two...

Below is the Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce. Currently $11.72 on Amazon for a 4 oz bottle. With a 4.5 star score on over 18,000 ratings.

Da bomb beyond insanity hot sauce

Below is the Evolution Hot Sauce. Currently $18.95 on Amazon and it has a 4.6 star score on over 50 ratings.

Da Bomb evolution hot sauce

Ok Chat GPT what do you got for us on this comparison?

"Da Bomb Evolution and Beyond Insanity are both extremely hot sauces known for their intense heat levels. Here's a comparison between the two:

Heat Level: Both sauces are incredibly hot and belong to the ultra-hot category. However, the exact heat level can vary depending on personal tolerance and perception.

Scoville Units: Scoville units (SHU) measure the heat of chili peppers and hot sauces. Unfortunately, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I don't have specific Scoville ratings for "Da Bomb Evolution" or "Beyond Insanity." However, both sauces are notorious for their extreme heat, and they often rank among the hottest sauces available.

Flavor Profile: While heat is the primary focus of these sauces, they also have unique flavors. "Da Bomb Evolution" is known for its blend of habanero peppers, chipotle puree, and natural pepper extract, providing a smoky and intense flavor. On the other hand, "Beyond Insanity" has a mix of habanero and hot pepper extract, which results in a more intense and concentrated heat profile with minimal additional flavors.

Ingredients: The ingredient lists may vary, but both sauces generally contain chili peppers, vinegar, spices, and various additives to enhance flavor and heat. Additionally, they may contain natural pepper extracts, which contribute to their extreme spiciness.

Usage: Given their intense heat levels, these sauces are typically used sparingly. A tiny amount can significantly enhance the heat of dishes, such as adding a drop to a pot of chili or mixing into sauces or marinades.

Caution: It's crucial to exercise extreme caution when handling and consuming these sauces, as they can cause severe discomfort or even harm if used improperly. Always start with a small amount to gauge your tolerance and gradually increase if desired.

Remember, personal preferences and tolerance to heat can vary greatly. It's essential to consider your own heat tolerance and flavor preferences when choosing between "Da Bomb Evolution" and "Beyond Insanity." Be sure to read reviews, seek recommendations, and proceed with caution to avoid any unpleasant experiences with these exceptionally hot sauces."

Ok, so not really that much help from Chat GPT. The only real thing mentioned that does seem to be backed up by some surface research we have done is that Evolution does indeed have a bit more flavor than Beyond Insanity. Where as BI is pretty much straight heat and has no flavor at all.

Other than that all we have to go with is the info on Amazon. BI is cheaper and has way more feedback on it, so it for sure has that going for it. Evolution appears to be more new so it might take time for it to build the same reputation over time. That said if you want more flavor and are willing to put out a few more bucks, than Evolution may be the option you want to go with.

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Evolution Hot Sauce:

Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce:

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