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Golf Players Towel vs Cart Towel: What Are They And What's The Difference

All towels in golf are created equal right? Well maybe not. When it comes to using towels in golf there are a couple of differences that while small are still important to know.

First things first, what exactly are these types of towels? When we hear the term "Golf players towel" that alone is a bit too much of a generic term. Technically any towel that a golf player uses is a "golf players towel". Based on our research and opinion, what we think that term is actually referring to is something called a Caddie (or Caddy) towel. A caddie towel is a much bigger and thicker towel meant for heavier cleaning of the clubs. The reason why we think this applies to the term "golf players towel" is because a caddie towel would be the kind of towel used by a more serious player. You can usually tell a caddie towel not only by its size but also by the fact that it has no clip on it. You can see an example of it in the following picture.

caddie or caddy towel

A cart towel on the other hand we think is referring to your standard clip on towel that you can put on your bag or clip onto any part of the cart. These towels are usually smaller and so as a result can't do as much of a heavy cleaning as the caddie towel. The durability is probably not as good. That said, it's easier to keep track of and probably does not have to be cleaned as often. Cart towels or clip on towels are probably more meant for the weekend golfer, the one who just likes to play every now and then and so as a result it is much lower maintenance. You also tend to find more jokes and humor on cart towels than you would on caddie towels. You can see an example on the picture below.

trifold clip on cart towel

We listed some towels under $20 that we think you might like. Check them out and enjoy!

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