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Grab Your Microwave Dishes Safely With These Safe Grabs For Under $20


Microwaves can make things hot, and hot things can burn your hands. The solution? Try the safe grabs that you can put in the microwave with your dish and then grab it when it's done. These things were on Shark Tank apparently and so since they are under $20 we figured they would be worth a look. You can get a set of 2 on Amazon for only $17.57 and they have a 4.7 star score on over 700 ratings.

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Safe Grabs Multi-Purpose Microwave Mat:

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Hi Cindy sent me some safe grabs to try out and review she's on shark tank here in the latest episode and we're gonna try them out we got the large size and the smaller size in blue so here's the microwave you know you got the little turntable thingy here this is plop that right in there okay and actually you can also leave it there as a splatter guard so that you don't mess up your microwave and it's easier to clean all right I've got some leftover baked beans in my nice little Corningware normally I would new clean up for like three minutes and then you know we eat them but that thing does get hot so let's try it out okay we're ready and you know that's that's pretty hot to the touch ow so with the safe grabber look at that I can pick it up and it's not hot from microwave to table and there we are now that's still a little hot okay needs my other one to take it off and here's my beans mm-hmm now when I'm done if I didn't have Corningware if this was just a regular bowl that I could store it just like that okay and in the fridge sort of like the bowl topper from seasons before so it is hot and this thing does work so it works as advertised and it's food grade silicone so you could actually eat off of this if you wanted to I give it two thumbs up.


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