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Is Bobtot A Good Brand? We Analyze A Couple Of Amazon Listings

Ok so this blog entry is going to be a little unique. We have a brand that has come cross our eyes that has a few of their bluetooth speakers listings under $20. Now granted these are limited time deals. Since we don't know how long they are going to be under $20 we figured we might as well make an article about it while we can. So let's grab the two listings and see what we can find out.

First listing we have is the Bobtot ET22A. Currently on Amazon for $16.99 and it has a 4.5 star score on over 140 ratings.

Bobtot Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Portable Speaker with Loud Stereo Sound RGB Lights, 25H Playtime, Dual Pairing Small Wireless Speakers for PC/Computer

The second listing we have is the Bobtot ET2240A. Currently going for $9.99 on Amazon and it has a 4.3 star score on over 170 ratings.

Bobtot Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speaker IPX7 Waterproof Stereo Sound Rich Bass Outdoor Speakers with Built-in Mic TWS 15 Hours Playtime for Home Travel Camping

The brand certainly appears to be newer, at least on Amazon. Both listings are less than a year old. They both look ok on Review Meta. On the first listing the score and ratings amount looks good. On the second listing the score looks good while about 34% of the ratings appear to be suspect. Only the second listing has AI analysis on the feedback. That said it looks good, they analysis shows the listing has hit positive on al traits including sound quality, size, value, and battery life.

When looking at the other listings whether they are over or under $20, it's hard to get a solid pattern down. Some of the listings look good with scores of 4.5 or higher. On others you'll find a mid range of 4 to 4.3 stars. Then you'll have some that will be below four stars and come in at 3.8 and 3.9 stars. All the ratings amount are also on the lower side which tells us that they must be a newer brand trying to find it's footing.

Based on the data we see it's hard to make an official judgement on the brand. Some of the stuff they have is solid while some of it doesn't look as good. We certainly don't hate the brand, we just don't think we have enough info to make a solid statement. We would say if you are going to consider any listing from their brand, do a little bit of extra homework to make sure you know what you are getting into.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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