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Is Lencent A Good Brand? We Analyze A Couple Amazon Listings

Lencent is a brand that makes technology products. They have an interesting mix of power adapters, power strips, and FM transmitters. Oddly enough Chat GPT could not find enough information to answer whether or not Lencent is a good brand. Which is interesting because when you look at the Amazon listings, you would think the brand has had a big enough track record that it would have an answer. Alas it does not so we'll have to go a little old school and use some samples from Amazon to figure it out. Since the FM transmitters are the ones with the most feedback, we decided to go with those.

Below is the Lencent T25 FM transmitter. Currently going for $14.99 on Amazon and it has a 4.4 star score on over 46,000 ratings.

Lencent T25 FM Transmitter

With that much feedback we wanted to make sure it was good so we ran it through Review Meta and good news. The ratings appear to be accurate and organic, so we can chalk up that good feedback as a feather in the cap for the product and brand.

The other transmitter we picked is the BT23. Currently going for $17.99 on Amazon and it has a 4.3 star score on over 19,000 ratings.

Lencent BT23 transmitter

Review Meta backs up the quality of the ratings on this listing as well. So now that we know the feedback on the samples is legit, what can we take from it?

The ratings are still decent even if they aren't the highest in the world. In general we like to see scores that are at least 4.5 or higher. The reason why the listings appear to be below 4.5 is because there is enough of a percentage of 1 star scores that is pulling the rating down, which makes sense because there is just that much feedback happening. That said, when you look at some of their other products like their outlets and power strips, you are seeing way more 4.5 scores and higher. So we think it's safe to not hold it against Lencent that their most popular products have a slightly lower score. All in all the brand looks pretty good. If you want to see for yourself, click the link below to see their products under $20.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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