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Is Ulanzi A Good Brand? We Analyze A Couple Amazon Listings

Do you shoot a lot of video? Maybe you are a content creator. If so there is a good bet you'll need some equipment to help you with your shots, and you also probably don't want to break the bank to do it either. We came across a brand called Ulanzi, that has some products under $20 that might be good. The question of course is are they a good brand? Well Chat GPT wasn't much help so we'll have to do an Amazon analysis instead. Let's first take a look at the listings that we like.

Below is Ulanzi Super Clamp Camera Mount. Currently going for $18.95 on Amazon and it has a 4.7 star score on over 2600 ratings.

Ulanzi Super Clamp Camera Mount

Next up we have the Ulanzi Extension Pole Tripod. Currently going for $19.95 on Amazon and it has a 4.5 star score on over 2700 ratings.

Ulanzi Extension Pole Tripod

As usual we run the listings through Review Meta to make sure everything is on the up and up. Both listings passed with flying colors. So what does that tell us for the brand?

Well now that we know the brand is getting organic feedback on the sample listings that we found, we checked out other listings that they have under $20. A lot of them were coming in at 4.5 star scores or higher. There were a few listings that were under 4.5, that said they were still over 4 stars, 4.2 to be exact. So even on their weaker listings they are showing some good feedback. All in all given the amount of information out there it appears that Ulzani is indeed a good brand. If you want to find out more for yourself, click the link below to see more of their products under $20.

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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