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Is Winco A Good Brand? We Analyze A Couple Of Amazon Listings

In the search for another kitchen brand to talk about we came across a brand called Winco. As we dug deeper we realized that this brand is more about commerical kitchenware vs stuff you would use around the house (although you still could if you wanted to). That said if you happen to be getting into the food business and are looking for supplies, let's take a look to see if Winco is a brand that is worth taking a closer look at. As usual let's pick a couple of listings to use as our samples.

First listing we picked is the overall pick by Amazon which are the Winco 16-inch tongs. Currently on Amazon for $5.90 and they have a 4.7 star score on over 1,300 ratings.

Winco Coiled Spring Heavyweight Stainless Steel Utility Tong, 16-Inch

The second listing we went with is the best seller in the brand which is the 36-inch mixing paddle. Currently on Amazon for $13.46 and it has a 4.8 star score on over 1.800 ratings.

Winco 36-inch Mixing Paddle, Stainless Steel (MPD-36)

We ran both listings through Review Meta. The tongs passed with no issue. The paddle did have some of the ratings removed due to suspicion. The good news is the score remained the same on a large amount of ratings, so we still feel confident about the feedback score.

Looking at the other products from the brand under $20, and there are a ton of them, we are seeing a lot of good feedback across the board. Most of the scores are in teh 4.5 to 4.7 range. Every now and then you'll have a 4.8 like you will also have a 4.3 or lower. That said from the data we are seeing it appears that Winco is indeed a good brand for commercial kitchenware. If you want to see for yourself the catalogue of products they have under $20, click the button below!

NOTE: All price and review info is based on the time of posting. The numbers may have changed since the creation of this article. Don't forget to always research everything yourself before you buy it, don't just take our word for it. All links to Amazon on this page are part of the Associates program which gives us commissions, thanks for your support!


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