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Need More Than Just A Divot Tool? Check Out This 6-in-1 Tool From Blue Tees Under $20

From channel BOGEY KING GOLF

If you are a golfer that gets out there regularly it's important that you have a divot repair tool. You are at some point going to make marks on the green and you want to repair them lest you be mistaken for an inconsiderate jerk. Now most courses will have some cheap plastic ones you can use for free. If on the other hand you want to get more out of your divot tool than just the repair feature this 6-in-1 tool from Blue Tees might be worth a look. This video by Bogey King Golf does a good job of breaking down the tool and what it can do, so give it a watch. Or if you are already sold on it, just click the link below and pick it up on Amazon. This item right now is going for only $19.99 and it has a 4.2 star score on over 30 ratings.

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Blue Tees 6-in-1 Divot Repair Tool:

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Hey everyone welcome to the channel bogey king we're glad you're here today. Today I’m hanging out in bogey king studios and as you can see I picked up the blue tees six in one divot tool uh it is about 90 degrees outside right now it's actually in the evening uh here at the time of filming this video it's still about 90 degrees outside and so uh while I golf in a lot of different temperatures and I’ve golfed in this weather before I’m not about to go out there and golf right now so I thought let me bring you a review of this divot tool and let you know what I think.

So I was at golf galaxy this weekend I was picking up some golf shoes for my son who was attending golf camp this week he's attending a pga kids golf camp program and it's pretty awesome he did it last year he had a great time he really had a lot of good instruction and so we were at golf galaxy we got him some shoes and we were getting ready to check out and I walked up and this was sitting on the register and normally I’m not uh you know I usually ignore stuff that's on the side but I saw this and I’ve actually been wanting to get a new divot tool if you don't know what a divot tool is it is something you use to actually repair the marks your ball makes on the green so if you hit a great shot into the green and it has a lot of loft when it comes down and hits the green it creates a divot and so it's kind of a whole ingredient so you use the divot tool to repair that now there are a couple different techniques the one that I primarily use is you actually put the divot tool straight down you bend towards the hole and this way you move the grass to the middle but you don't you never want to put it in and pull up because that breaks the roots and then you just end up having a dead spot in the green so maybe I’ll do a video one day on how to best repair your divot mark when you're out there but this is pretty cool it promises to be a divot repair tool a bottle opener a ball marker a club tee a groove cleaner and a putting alignment aid so um let's get it unboxed and let's just see what this thing looks like outside of the packaging and then figure out is it worth the $20 I paid for it all right stick around we'll be right back.

All right so we got it unboxed um it is metal I don't know if it's steel I don't know if it doesn't here what it is doesn't say what it's made of but it's uh definitely metal could be aluminum um it is I think it looks great in this rose gold color it has the ball marker that pops out pretty easily so you've got the ball marker it's got the space for the bottle opener here where you actually rest your club is on top and then of course the two forks which is what you stick on the ground and you move the ground or they move the earth you know towards your hole and you use your putter to kind of smooth it over so initial impressions this thing looks great it feels great for the $20 I paid for it definitely has a solid feel and it's something that I think will last for a while what remains to be seen is will this finish you know stay obviously it's got some prints on it now that I’ve touched it it's got this cool blue tees um if you can see that got this cool blue tees uh logo in the back I have a blue tees rangefinder their third series rangefinder I haven't got a review on it but I’ve used it now for about a year uh or so since it came out and I really am impressed with it so I think this is something that should be good too but if you're in the market for a divot tool definitely can recommend this based on initial impressions the divot tool I have currently that I use is one of the ones that has like the pop-out fork and kind of switchblade style it works great but it's just gotten to the point where the spring is not as strong as it used to be so I have to aid the forks that coming out this one you're not gonna have that problem with and then um sometimes the ball marker is hard to get to and so you know you don't want it to be too easy to get to because you don't want to lose it but at the same time you want to be able to get to it quickly when you're trying to mark your ball on competition play or if you're playing with your friends the bottle opener is a cool addition and then I tend to use the divot tool as a club rest because if the ground is wet or there's dew on the ground you don't want your putter grip or your wedge grips to get wet and so I use this to keep that grip above ground when I’m either on the green or I’m you know chipping onto the green.

So we hope this was helpful for you uh just a quick fun video for this week and so um if you liked it give us a thumbs up if you're not subscribed yet hit that subscribe button I’m sitting here buddy king studios behind me are the Kirkland wedges and the Kirkland putter uh if you don't know I’m going to tell you now that you can win those absolutely free all you have to do is hit that subscribe button if you are a subscriber you will be entered to win once we get to 1000 subscribers so we're getting close and so I want to give back to all of you who have supported me along this journey who have been a part of the channel's you know progress and so we're thankful for all of you who are watching and those can be yours absolutely free one person will win the wedges one person will win the putter and we'll send it out to you and you know get you those uh if you haven't seen those reviews I’ll put a link down below the putter is still in my bag the wedges I use occasionally I really do like them all I just really love my Callaway wedges and so I’ve got reviews on those too but that's it for this week's video we hope it was helpful and as we say every week here boogey king golf you can still have fun even if you're playing plus one and so until next video we hope you get out and help you play some golf we hope you have a great time here we really hope that you're enjoying your summer so we'll see you in the next video and until then bogey king is going to go out and play well not today it's a little too hot but I will go out here soon and play some golf all right everyone see you later.


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