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The Best Golf Alignment Ball Marker Video - The Calloway Triple Track Marker

From channel PETER VON PANDA.


I’m going to show you why these are my favorite ball markers. What's happening panda nation, peter von panda here you know that I like golf balls with lines and one of the things that I use those for are to align my putts now I just picked this up these are triple track golf ball markers one's kind of falling out of the blister pack there and sliding down but this two pack of ball markers are my favorite ball markers let me explain why so if you're not using lines on your golf ball to help align your putts then you are really missing out that is just one big step right there but these little ball markers now are almost invaluable to me because what I will normally do here is line up my pot just like this and if you don't use triple track off balls you can just draw a line on your golf ball just like this but if the putt is directly ahead of me then I can just line it up line this and if you're trying to read the break a little left or right you line it up but one of the problems with this is that normally I have to mark my ball and then move this around see if I can line it up then I step back take a look and I’m like yeah that's pretty good or no it's just a little off get back down here again mark it and then move it a little bit more and then look back and all right yeah it's pretty good what these allow me to do is to line up more quickly and easily and more reliably so they're both basically the same they are both magnetic little pieces of metal here they have Calloway emblazoned on the back and they have the triple track line so if you use triple track golf balls that's going to look great and they have this little cut out here so that you can push them right up against the ball just like this now the nice thing about this is that when the golf ball is just laying on the green that line is usually not lined up so what you can do here is I can take my ball marker and now use this to mark my ball but also use it to dial in what I think that alignment line is and then when I pull my ball away I can say yeah that looks pretty good or no that's going to need just a little bit of adjustment and I know it's just going to be let's say to the right of that so now when I go back down and put my ball down like I’m getting ready to putt if it's perfect I can just line my ball up with it but if it's not I know I can just move it a little more you know just a little more left or right make that adjustment and so what I’m doing here is using this to make a rough macro read of the green but I put the ball down to make a more micro adjustment and really dial it in so nice thing is now I don't have to put the ball down to make that general read mark it again to dial in the read I can use this to make that first read and then when I put the ball down I can use it to make that final read and all of that saves me a lot of time so if you want to pick up this two pack of golf ball markers take strokes off your game and speed up your game I think you're gonna really love them I do I’ll put a link to them in the description below peter von panda out.

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