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These Lightsaber Chopsticks Are So Cool And They Are Under $20

Let's face it, any person who is a Star Wars fan has wanted to use a lightsaber at some point in time in his or her life. Well lightsabers are of course fictional. That said you can get a little bit of a feel of one by using these chopsticks which are modeled after sabers in four different colors. If you are a geek or nerd who also loves sushi this would have to be a no brainer. This item right now is going for only $19.97 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 8000 ratings.

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Lightsaber Chopsticks (4 pairs):

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Welcome back everybody to another video and today we're looking at this four pack lightsaber chopsticks yes lightsaber chopsticks I'm gonna show them off here a little bit um and they come in four different colors so you get a blue a red a green and a purple one um so you do get the full spectrum pretty much and these are literally just light up chopsticks that look like lightsabers so it makes dinner a little funner whether you have kids and you're trying to teach them how to use chopsticks or if you're a grown adult and you want to use lightsaber chopsticks this is a new solution I guess it's pretty awesome let's let's kind of check this out

So I'm not the best with chopsticks but let's check out the first pair here first of all they give it a kind of look that makes it look like uh straight out of star wars which is pretty awesome you just pull this tab here to activate the battery obviously and then has a little button right there which lights it up but let's pull some of these tabs off first before we get started into it okay here we go so we obviously found a green and a purple one look at that so now when you're having your chopsticks which like I said I'm not the best and they are like a hard plastic and these are washable so don't worry about that you can wash them um I don't know if I'd put them in the dishwasher but you can definitely watch them and yeah you can just use them like chopsticks um so let's pull out some more of these tabs here and get these started up let's pull them okay we found another we found a blue one we found another blue one we found some red ones we found another purple one we found a green one and we found another red one so let's kind of match these up and let the force be strong with us here while we review and take these out they have a good feel the led definitely works they have a changeable battery and they come charged and now you can have lightsaber fights with your food I guess so if if you wanted an excuse to have a fight anyways with your food this is definitely the best way to do it and now you can have cool lightsaber fights while you're eating your sushi your rice or whatever else you eat

So these are the lightsaber chopsticks uh pretty cool obviously awesome tech product and now you can have cool fights with your food thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one


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