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Tozo A1 - Best Wireless Earbuds Under $20 on Amazon - Unboxing & Review

From channel THE FRENCH GLOW.


So these are the tozo a1s these are true wireless earbuds from tozos easy to use also the most economical of all the earbuds that we found on amazon so if you ask me what are my favorite sub $20 earbuds on amazon I was clearly I would honestly just you know I'll just honestly tell you the tozo a1s these are super cool super inexpensive and very simple to use let me go through all the features of them so the quality of the headphones is it's impressive it's impressive because you would never expect this sound on a $20 most $20 you'll get a lot of static you'll get a lot of empty it can sound like empty right it sounds like you're listening to it out of a warehouse but how the eq and how the music is being utilized on these ipx I think this is yeah this is ipx6 with the bluetooth 5.0 a1 technology it works it works and not only does it work it gives you these six hours of battery life when you're using them 32 hours total if you're using these in combination with the case and you're getting it for right now it's $17 so that to me is probably the best earbud deal in terms of sub $20 on amazon they sound good they feel good they look good they're light you can lose one and it'll be like just throwing away an extra value meal so check these out I really do like the tozo a1s they work for me

You double tap the left side to skip to the previous song you double tap the right side to skip to the next song you're going to be tap and hold the right side to increase the volume so I’m increasing the volume by holding if I hold the left side it's going to decrease the volume and tap and hold if I want to do call control all I got to do is touch either side when I’m getting a phone call and if I want to use it with the voice assistant so if you pair this with your amazon or your google assistant you triple tap it to use your voice assistant these are really light you know it's like it's like how do you describe something that's like light like light as a feather it's a it's almost it's almost like it creates it makes a really good seal in your ear so and the ear tips and this is something that it's different the ear tips are shorter so the ear tips are much shorter than on a traditional earbud so we'll show you like these are tozo t6s right we have tozo t6s I'll show you the bud on the tozo t6 it's a fully it's a full it's a full bud here is on the a1 the a1 is going to have a like kind of like a half bud so it's shorter it's shorter do I think that really takes away from the overall uh seal I mean you could you get a deeper seal with the full-size bud but it still creates a really tight seal around your ear just because it's going in the ear and it's sealing it off with this it's kind of like a rubber stopper approach versus inserting a hue like a like a ball into your ear

so easy to use lightweight under $20 they sound good they sound like a $30 to $40 earbud but they cost you less it has some of the best features like your expensive earbuds but they are lighter so if you're looking for the lightest of the earbuds and you're looking to spend less than $20 I don't know if you can do better than the a1 I’m being honest I don't know if you can do better these might be the best ones you can do last thing these are coming coming with six millimeter drivers which we didn't notice a big difference between that and eight millimeter drivers you would find in the tozo t6s and with that thanks for watching we'll catch you next time bye everyone bye

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