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Upgrade Your YouTube Or Streaming Setup With These Tech Products Under $20

From channel ADAM JONES

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Monster RGB Light Bars:

Besign Laptop Stand:

Video Capture Card:

Moukey Shotgun Mic:

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What's up guys it's Adam and I was able to take twenty dollars and find some cool gear to help you upgrade your youtube or streaming setup

So what kind of gear could I find for twenty dollars well to start off I was able to find this lav mic by pop voice it is the PV510+ live mic it comes with 15 foot of cable gives you plenty of room to be away from your camera and do talking head stuff kind of like I'm doing right now gives you a way more clear voice that way your audio sounds better for your videos or stream I’ll do an audio test here in just a second that way you can tell the difference between the canon m50 onboard mic and the lav mic that I picked up for just thirteen dollars so this is what the canon m50 sounds like with no microphone attached one two three four red blue green orange bubble gum bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish so this is a mic test for the pop voice pv510 plus I have it right here below my mouth right next to my shirt where it would normally be placed I did have to have an extra attachment for it but it did come with it in the box one two three four red blue green orange bubble gum bubble gum in a dish how many pieces do you wish so as you can tell the voice is not bad for a 13 lav mic I suggest you pick it up if you're just looking for something budget friendly to make your audio sound just a little bit better

So the next thing I found were these monster led light bars these things are absolutely perfect for giving your setup just a splash of color you don't need any RGB light strips with sticky stuff all over your desk to create a good even flow of color throughout your whole setup now when it comes to these monster led light bars these things are absolutely fabulous as you can tell I’ve got them faced towards the wall right behind my main monitor and you can change them to any color you would like or you can have them offset like I did and have one one color and then one the next it does come with a small remote all under twenty dollars so for twelve dollars these led light bars cannot be beat

So the next product was something that I actually needed at the time laptop stand I needed one for my macbook that way I could get it up off the desk and use my keyboard and mouse with it so I decided to find one in the price point so I could use it for the video I found this one by Besign off of amazon it had everything that I needed including a phone holder now this one comes with rubber pads to keep your laptop in place along with eight point adjustability that way you're comfortable any way you're sitting

The next thing I picked up was an HDMI capture card works just like a cam link just a whole lot cheaper I only paid about 15 for this one plug in HDMI plug it into the pc throw it in your obs and you're good to go I used it with my canon m50 and I had no problems whatsoever it runs 1080p at 30 frames no motion blur or no problems here's an example so this is what the HDMI capture card looks like with my canon m50 as you can tell it's not too bad we're not really getting any motion blur or anything like that and we're running at 1080p so perfect for a webcam so if you have an old smartphone or dslr or even a mirrorless camera laying around pick up one of these for fifteen dollars and get you a great webcam so when it comes to this little HDMI capture card it would be a perfect way to start on twitch or youtube or even facebook gaming 1080p 30 frames no latency no motion blur nothing like that perfect way for you to take any camera or old phone and just turn it into an extra webcam or your main webcam

So the final product is another microphone but I can't show it to you because I use it on top of my canon m50 the Moukey shotgun mic I absolutely love this mic because it's compact in size and easy to travel with works great for vlogs or talking head videos and if you can't tell it makes my voice sound fabulous Colby thinks so but seriously though I picked this microphone up a few months ago for about 35 dollars but it's on sale right now for $16.99 you can't beat this mic

So that's my list of five different products under twenty dollars for your youtube or streaming setup now if you like any of these products they will be linked down below in the description those are affiliate links so the channel will get a little bit of a kickback if you decide to buy one now if you like videos like this then like my video if you like me subscribe hit that notification bell and comment down below other things you'd love to see because I love making content and I'm having a blast doing it so I'd love to keep it up thank you guys for watching I hope you have a wonderful day

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