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Want To Improve Your Putting? Try This Putting Aid From KingTop For Under $20

From channel ROUGH GOLF

This video gives a review of the KingTop alignment mirror. In a nutshell these alignment mirrors help you with your posture and alignment to get you more consistent putting. Any golfer worth his weight knows that half the game is short game, so if you want to shave strokes you got to get better at the putting game. This item right now is going for only $14.88 and it has a 4.4 star score on over 1200 ratings.

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KINGTOP Golf Putting Aid Alignment Mirror:

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The putting mirror is a device that is designed to help you line up correctly when you are putting the ball specifically the mirror helps ensure square shoulder placement and an eyes over the ball approach.

The kit comes with the putting mirror itself five tees and of course a carry bag to keep everything together. The mirror is lightweight relatively compact and easily fits in the side compartment of a golf bag it also has a hard plastic back which seems to be pretty durable.

Setup is pretty simple and customizable to your skill level with two different placement holes for a wider or narrower putter gate and four holes located along the back of the mirror to help with distance control smash that like button if you want to putt better who doesn't when I first set the putting mirror up I felt confident that I had done so correctly but quickly realized that I needed to fix the setup.

I eventually got the hang of it and after a few uses I could tell that my putting was more consistent I set the mirror up about five feet back from the hole which I felt was a good distance for initial testing.

Ultimately, I'm surprised that a simple alignment mirror could make that much difference I went on to play a round after practicing with the mirror for about 20 minutes and found that after my round I had significantly fewer three putts than before.

Now I'm not saying the mirror is some kind of magic cure-all for bad putting but I definitely feel like it helped with my game I plan on doing more practice sessions from greater distances but my initial tests have me hopeful that I can correct and eventually master my puttering game.

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