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Want To Keep Bugs Away From Your Food When You BBQ? Check Out This Bug Fan Under $20

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We all know that if there is one small pet peeve of grilling out, it's having to deal with the bugs. It's not just you, your friends, and your family that love your delicious cooking. Flies and other small bugs love it too and they all want a piece. If you want to keep them at bay without having to overall your entire yard setup, then you will want to check out these bug fans. Treva has one for only $15.99 and it has a 4.2 star score on over 1900 ratings.

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TREVA Chemical Free Table Top Bug Repeller Fan:

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Alright, do you guys event get a bunch of flies always buzzing around your food? Especially if you are eating outside well then you need one of these things. I don't even know what it's called. In fact, they were advertised online as a O2 cool, O2 cool, but it basically it is a insect repellent or a fly repellent little portable battery operated fan. But it really is just you know a piece of reflective plastic that rolls around at a low RPM and basically stops with any resistance so it doesn't hurt your hand or anything like that.

But between the reflection and the movement of the blades this deters flies from landing on your food. You know you see those buffet tents which are kind sloppy, and you know hard to access the food. This is a lot cheaper alternative. There is some brand names but this one we just actually found on Amazon and it was a lot cheaper so I'll pos the link. It runs on battery and it is screwed in right now.

It's not water proof and it's not anything too fancy, but it can deter flies from your backyard BBQ like we are having right now. So, for cheap, novel, and very knocked off if you will invention check this out. It may just serve well with two of them that we put outside when we are eating out. It keeps the flies from landing on our food. So thanks for watching, this is the Chan Clan reviewing O2 cool fly repellent fan here. You'll have to look it up for the exact model that we got. You can get these on Amazon to keep the flies away.


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