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Weber 7447 MINI Rapid Fire Charcoal Chimney Starter First Use and Review Video

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This is the Weber 7447 MINI rapid-fire charcoal chimney starter I got this because any of you that have done a charcoal barbecue probably well aware how difficult that is to get your coal started using a chimney starter like this one will make that task a lot easier this is my very first time using one this is the mini version because I’m going to be using this on a very small grill the normal sized one is significantly larger and wider so I will be to show you the process the way of it basically work is you put some sort of starter on the bottom like paper I’m going to bunch up some old newspaper and then you fill your charcoal roughly to the top and then you'll put this on top of your grill I mean like the bottom plate where you would be dumping your charcoal onto then you light a fire underneath your kindling underneath here and it will get the charcoals started and it will take roughly 15 minutes maybe a little bit more maybe 20 minutes for them to get red-hot and turning white so you want your charcoals to start turning white before you start barbecuing red hot and right tinge so once it's like that you'll want to grab a glove because the thing is probably gonna be pretty hot and then you're gonna just dump it down on your great and then arrange your charcoals appropriately so the next cutting is gonna be with this thing fill to the brim with charcoal that's um bunched up newspaper on the bottom and inside my tiny little grill

I thought I would show the inside instructions for the chimney starter it says that it can be started with other newspaper or Weber's lighter cubes when a way more economical just to use some folded up newspaper and most people do it that way and so you have what a would be two and then three or four as the graphic diagram of how you do it all right so there you go again next cut end will be with it

I’m using a Kingsford Charcoal although you can use any type of charcoal and you want you can lump charcoal whatever it's all good I have this thing filled up not quite all the way to the brim is a pretty tiny barbecue even this might be more than I really need for this barbecue and you see all that space on the bottom for my kindling bunched up a bunch of newspaper I have it on the bottom and I’m gonna light this sucker up now then just wait for roughly 15-20 minutes so these coals are red-hot you can see it's bellowing some smoke not much of an open flame here a lot of it shielded so give it about 15-20 minutes see how it’s looking

So I also added some newspaper to the top and ignited that to get this thing going a little bit better and it really did help a lot so in addition to the bottom my mother packed it too heavy but anyway you put some on top and really helps gotta let this go for about another 10 20 minutes until everything is red-hot so the coals are red and turning white well I’m gonna call this good enough and you have some red-hot coals underneath not everything is totally white but I’m gonna just dump it out at this point and see if its good enough. On second thought I can maybe use a little bit more coals. I don't have a flame I want here we go cooking away I might not be flaming up but I am getting a really sear.

Hello I thought I'd add some closing comments to my first use of the liver mini charcoal rapid fire chimney here's what it looks like after the fact great shape just thought I'd comment that this piece of metal here is a heat shield to keep your handle cool so the handle actually remained cool while the chimney was high but I still use a glove as a precaution so notice barks would burn my hand as I empty the charcoals but if you really really need it to you could still do it without a glove because this was not very hot at all so overall I’m pretty pleased with the performance I also want to note that I knew with that particular mini grill that I was using and I forgot you open the vents on the grill itself all the way so once they emptied the grill I was wondering weren't wondering why the charcoals weren't remaining red-hot and they were where they were in the chimney and that's because I forgot I forgot to open the vents on the grill which would have allowed cool air in which would have choked stoked the flame and given me more fire and heat so my bad there my mistake but overall I really liking the chimney it's a great product this is a mini version if you have a really small to medium sized grill if you have a normal-sized credit kettle grill you'll want to go with their normal size chimney which is only like four dollars more than the mini version so well anyway if you found my video helpful hit that like button hit subscribe if you want to see more videos from me and I’ll see you in the next one

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